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  1. I'm an architecture student going into College and I've been informed by my professors that I need to purchase a Quadro graphics card in order to run the hardware acceleration in the drafting programs we use. To me, this doesn't make any sense; why would I downgrade my already powerful GTX 780ti's (in three way SLI: overkill? Yes, I'm aware. But why the hell not?) for something not nearly as powerful, the Quadro 5000, and spend over $1000 on one graphics card? I've been reading about ways to crack the 660 into working, or at least reading, like a Workstation card, but is there a way to do it on something as recent as the 780ti? I'd still like to be able to retain the gaming capabilities of my PC but also, you know, succeed in college and not spend a fortune on another graphics card when I have 3 perfectly good ones in my machine already?
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