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  1. Many people here saying they receive great service from Alienware is primarily because many of the forum users are based in the USA and the UK. I've lived in China for 17 years and now I'm in the UK. The service here in the UK is fantastic and is truly what everyone preaches in these forums. They are very helpful and persistent in solving your issues, as long as you have warranty. In China, however, it was absolutely disgusting. I cannot begin to explain how awful the service is there. They broke more of my laptop than they fixed and they tried to charge me for most of it. I am speaking truthfully and not out of spite; do not attempt to get them to fix your machine unless you have no other option. There is a very realistic chance they will end up screwing it up, which is what happened to me multiple times in just one month. I can't say anything about Clevo service as I don't know enough about it. Just something to keep in mind. Both Clevo and Alienware have the biggest bang, how much buck you want to shell out is up to you. Things like aesthetics and build quality are subjective and possibly best to make your own decisions in those regards.
  2. Safe to say I have no idea what I'm doing or what this does. Can I use this to improve existing temperatures or increase performance without sacrificing any more thermal headroom? I don't plan on overclocking and I run on stock everything. Current GPUs twin 780Ms.
  3. AW 18 with 4900MQ and 780M SLI (all stock), runs the vanilla game almost fine at Ultra (engine stuttering), but I play it with a lot of mods to make it look very flash, and as a result, this game modded up makes my cards work harder than any other game I've tried so far, except Watch_Dogs.
  4. I've been looking for these on and off for the sake of listing but I cannot compile a proper list. The only ones I personally know are the AW 18 and the P570WM/Panther 5. And also that Clevo case that the 17 inch by Origin and Eurocom X7 are based off. There's also that new GT80 Titan by MSI coming out soon. I try not to count OEMs that use Clevo cases and just list the Clevo cases themselves. I'm sure I've missed many, please feel free to churn them out.
  5. Personally as an AW 18 owner, I find that the only real way I can transport my laptop is with the unincluded 18 incher bagpack. Anything else, such as those 18 inch sleeves, hold the laptop alright, but unless you can put that weight on your back, you're probably not going very far with it. The power supply is a nuisance as well.
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