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  1. Make sure it comes with the proper x-bracket for a 7970m. The picture on that ebay auction didn't show the x-bracket. Would be good to tell the seller that you need him to include the x-bracket. If not, you wont be able to install the card.
  2. Believe the M6000 is very similar in performance to the 5850m or 5870m. Been using the 5850m for a long time and it can still run recent games like final fantasy 14 fluently. So, good purchase. Just upgraded to a 7970m over here though.
  3. I upgraded from a 5850m to a 7970m and so i compared the 5850m x-bracket to the 7970m. My experience is that the official x-bracket that comes with the 7970m has scew holes that are too long. You would need to file the screw holes down to about 3mm. This is so that the heatsink applies sufficient pressure to the GPU. Please also note that the 7970m at stock voltage seems to run really hot in an m15x. Hence, i am in the process of trying to undervolt. But, i am really afraid to flash a new vbios for fear of bricking the card.
  4. This makes me really afraid to do this to mine...I also recently just bought a 7970m too....
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