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  1. Bad news. I was unable to test this out on Windows 10. I've spent all day downloading/installing/attempting-to-install OSs, disk images, etc and all I've learned is that Bootcamp cannot/will not install to an external drive. Since I have the 128GB Air an external installations is required if I am going to test W10. As for the adapter mine should would have worked if it performed as advertised, and it did work up until the 6th hour of the most strainous game in my library. The problem with mine wasn't insufficient wattage but poor thermal quality: it overheated. If I had shut everything down so it could have cooled off instead of mistakenly assuming the scent of hot plastic was coming from the furnace it might still be running.
  2. @dfgged Sorry, I'd forgotten that promise. Is it too late to renege? No? If people still need results I can try to test windows 10 this weekend. General Update: • eGPU with iMac: The dGPU iMac test was a success and proved to be slightly more stable than running with the Air. For example, with my dGPU iMac I was able to successfully boot while an external display was connected to the eGPU. • Benchmarking suggests the RX 460 is only ~10% slower if run over Thunderbolt-1 vs Thunderbolt-2. • My original low-bid 108W power adaptor overheated and blew a thermal fuse /popped a capacitor 6-hours into a Cities: Skylines marathon. I'd recommend either taking care to purchase an adaptor of above average quality or else going with a 120W rated unit to provide greater margin.
  3. No, that card is too tall. The official "full height" standard is only 4.2", and while I've heard other people report using 4.7" cards I wouldn't want to try using anything more than 4.5" in mine. The linked card is listed as 5.2" tall which is never going to permit a closed case.
  4. 1. - I haven't used either the 1060 or an eGPU with Windows so I can't comment there. 2. - Make sure whatever card you pick is small enough that the case can be closed for at least transit. I have a slot-powered RX 460 eGPU that I take with me when visiting family over holidays. While I game with the case off for ventilation I find that the enclosure makes a half decent carrying case when I slide the cover back back on. Since mine is slot power I have the added bonus of not worrying about spliced wires pulling loose, but I guess you can always bag cables. Still, a slot-powered GTX 1050 or 950-Mini might be worth consideration. The Akitio Thunder only takes up about as much luggage space as a extra pair of dress shoes, plus power supply/adapter. As a result I find it to be more of a hassle to plug it in at my destination than to find luggage space when driving.
  5. Nope. I only replaced the included 60W adapter with a compatible higher wattage unit.
  6. Is anyone else using a 5.5x2.5mm 12V DC adaptor plugged directly into an Akitio enclosure with a <75W GPU? If so what are you using and would you recommend it to others? (The adaptor I was previously using just fried itself 6 hours into a gaming run after overheating.)
  7. Goalque, N.a.n.d.o.4, and possible a few others had a falling out with the techinferno owners, were banned, and had to find a new forum. Both sides have accused the other of extortion and unethical behavior. The new script is a scope expansion to include making changes to or at the EFI boot partition level which would impact boot volume selection during startup. Don't ask me why or for what purpose because I haven't figured that out either.
  8. Do you have a an external monitor plugged into the eGPU? Just asking since my system hangs if I have a display plugged into my eGPU while the system is booting. Otherwise I'm out of ideas.
  9. @bulletstormer What did you do differently than me that allows startup with the external monitor connected? I have to keep disconnecting my external display whenever booting to avoid a startup freeze. Anyway, I haven't seen any instances of windows leaving trails or other major rendering issues. The worst I've seen was a minor vsync like glitch that occurred periodically while demoing the before/after to family while using Heaven on the highest settings I found tolerable. I also haven't tried using the original Akitio power adaptor since I never considered that that could work. I'll try running the eGPU off of that the next time I have time for gaming to see what effect if any under powering has. @edgefox Just to start with the obvious, have you restarted you computer yet? The GPU won't show up in about this mac until you reboot with the eGPU plugged in. Also which GPU card/manufacturer are you using? As for the automate-egpu errors I had the same ones originally with the unmodified script. Either I missed a step in explaining how that tool needed to be modified or you are still running the original. The script also installs and registers a copy of itself so it can be later rerun from anywhere on the mac, so if that copy was made before your edits then terminal may be defaulting to the unedited script. Try rerunning the script with the path specified Ex: 'sudo ./automate-egpu.sh' If all else fails this is the link to the thread where I was going through similar errors. Good luck. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10798-rx-460-macbook-air-solved/
  10. Yep. There is an additional frame rate loss from transmitting back over thunderbolt to the internal, but as long as an external display is connected to the eGPU and set as the primary display you should have acceleration on all displays. Of course, the first time anything is opened it will open on the primary (external) monitor by default. You can drag the windows back to the internal and they should remember which display they were last on when reopened in the future but that does imply the external display should at least stay somewhere in eyesight.
  11. @jagung My RX 460 setup has been as stable as any eGPU. Granted I've only had time to put ~10 gaming hours on it so far, but no random crashes. However the RX 460 is at best comparable to a GTX 1050 so my setup may not have power you want.
  12. Technically yes, but only if an external display is also connected.
  13. Downgrade to a GTX 9XX or use a Radeon card. The GTX 10XX series is not yet supported on macOS.
  14. Interesting. I'll have to give that a try if for no other reason than testing out windows 10. It might be a few months before I get around to that however. 'Test eGPU with iMac' currently has a higher priority, which in turn in on hold until macOS 10.12.2 is released and I finish end of semester projects for grad school.
  15. @pataca, Sorry, I do not have spare windows license to test. @ao39 Speed is bottlenecked by the thunderbolt connection to PCIe2.0x4 for TB2 or PCIe3.0x4 for TB3. The big difference is physical compatibility. PCIE cards cannot be installed in a smaller slot. A PCIE x16 card would not run in a PCIE x8 slot, nor would a PCIE x8 card run in a PCIE x4 slot.
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