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  1. alkmind

    Laptop Cooling Pad

    Thermaltake massive 23 works well, but is a bit noisy. Anyway it can handle the heat with no problems
  2. alkmind

    y510p LCD Overclock

    Stable 1920x1080 32bits 80Hz
  3. alkmind

    Lenovo y510p ultrabay HDD caddy

    Is there a Removable Battery to Ultrabay for 510p?
  4. alkmind

    Lenovo Y510p wireless card

    Already bought Intel 7260 AC wireless It does really work with the BIOS Hack??
  5. alkmind

    Y510p SSD usage

    I changed my original HD (IdeaPad y510p) to one SSD 250GB Crucial. Working like a charm.
  6. alkmind

    Post Your System

    Lenovo Y510p Intel Core i7 4700MQ RAM 8 GB ( 1 x 8 GB ) 1600 MHz / PC3-12800 1TB HDD, 25gb SSD Dual NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Windows 8.1 64bit
  7. alkmind

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Dream Theater - Regression

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