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  1. Thank u Very much for this Modded Bios !!! wish God \ some big power will bless U ... ahmm I got a little problem...I follow the steps at your instructions..until I got an error massage at Downgrading the bios to V2.07 which says : "Bios Version Compare Error" (its shows up imminently when I open the Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock].exe file) what I have done till now : 1. got 3.05 bios 2.backup the bios \ get the v305Mod.bin via biosfixer.exe what should I do with this error massage? Thank U Again !
  2. as everybody says, no diffrence in real daily using, unless you love to benchmarking try to get a big ssd like 480GB and partition to 2 drives..one for OS (100GB) and the other for Heavy Games, etc..
  3. adamosS

    Y510p SSD usage

    when I firstly bought my y510P, I installed the OS on the 24GB SSD..then I had 2.5GB free without any program Installed (Clean Installation of OS).. If you consider to Install just the OS on SSD for better Performance, and put all your stuff on the secondary drive - do it - unless you need to clean the drive from junk daily.. I recommend you to buy an larger SSD capacity with High performance, that will replace the 24GB ssd - and for your attention, its not regular SATA ports..
  4. adamosS

    decent ssd?

    I recommend the Corsair ForceGT SSD drive..I installed 480GB on my Y510p laptop..fast as F-18
  5. you need to flash the card with WinAtiFlash - you can flash your cards via Windows : 1. download the prog from here - Download ATIFlash 4.17 | techPowerUp , then put the folder in drive c \ d etc... as it is like c:\atiwinflash nor d:\atiwinflash 2. download the latest bios u want to use for both cards. 3. put the bios file in the AtiwinFlash folder , and rename the file (for easy to type it in cmd later..) 4. run cmd 5. type "cd --here you type the drive name, that the folder exists---- like "cd d:" 6.type Atiwinflash -p -f 0 (the name of the bios with the extension) 0 - means the primary card ... for example :0 atiwinflash -p -f 0 7970.rom ...type enter and wait for the flashing until done.. 7. when finish, enter the same line that you typed before with the number "1" that replace number "0" and press enter (that will flash the secondary card) for examle : atiwinflash -p -f 1 7970.rom 8. when both done, restart your computer, and you have the same bios you chosen to flash
  6. try to install intel extreme overclocking theres option that allows you to run all cores at max turbo speed - 3.4Ghz
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