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  1. rtfm

    decent ssd?

    Finally opened up my y510p, no m2. Went out and got a Samsung 840 250gig and its lovely. Now im getting gray hairs wondering about Windows Indexing and page files, and ect.
  2. rtfm

    decent ssd?

    Yes, I googled it after I posted. My bad. You sound confident the slot will be there?
  3. rtfm

    decent ssd?

    From what i read on the webs I may or may not have the the m.2 slot on my y510p. Will I have to open it up to find out?
  4. I got a swiss gear backpack as a gift, its very nice looking but there is no padding between the laptop slot and the bottom of the backpack.
  5. I keep my battery out (Y510P) because the laptop gets hot while gaming, the temp. fluctuations can`t be good for it. Otherwise it would not be an issue, the hardware and software nowadays is smart enough to take good care of the battery.
  6. rtfm

    decent ssd?

    Id love to go SSD but even 256 gig, is just meeting the lower limit. Also opening up my laptop again scares me, broke a huge sweat putting paste on the CPU.
  7. There probably are some hardware backdoors. Anyone remember old HP notebooks where you could reset passwords with a modified printer cable plugged into the printer port?
  8. rtfm

    CPU Overclocking?

    can you disable OC by setting the max OC ratio to 1? And do you have a edited bios, i did not see that menu in my bios.
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