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  1. I also have a 16gb mSATA it came with, not sure for what purpose though. But I am running well with Samsung 840 on my Y500.
  2. Mine also came with a 16gb mSATA, but I find it unable to find a use for it.... My Y500 though is running well on Samsung 840 250GB SSD.
  3. Jason22492

    decent ssd?

    I agree with most posts regarding the Samsung 840 series. I have the Samsung 840 on my Y500, and as long as it's ticked in BIOS to run compatible SATA mode, it runs fine. For some reason though, my Samsung 840 doesn't seem to like Windows 8 very much. I don't mind particularly, as I prefer Windows 7 myself. Just throwing my personal input out there.
  4. Thank you very much for this guide. It helped me easily replace basic things like RAM and HDD. But I think this question has been going around for a while regarding the Y500- the CMOS battery is incredibly well hidden and nowhere to be found. The alternative to possibly resetting the BIOS on it may possibly be very troublesome.
  5. Hey guys, my name us jason and I came here after studying on the potential of unlocking the Y500. Pleased to meet you!
  6. Update: I have tried forcing p-state using the Nvidia Inspector. Unfortunately, it was to no avail with the computer with the 650m SLI. I have confirmed that it works if I take out the Ultrabay SLI Card, however. There definitely is something PREVENTING the GPUs in SLI mode from going to P0 state, and I have no clue why. I have tried Power management settings, and everything google has told me. I am hopelessly wondering if Modding the BIOS to 2.04 to unlocking the BIOS will perhaps solve this issue. If there's any guidance anyone could possibly provide me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys, it's good to see that the thread is still active. I'm run into a bit of a problem with my Y500 650m GT SLI, and I've surfed through the internet and forums as much as possible to remedy this issue, but I'm not 100% and would please like guidance. I figured that this would be the best possible place to ask. Basically, My Y500 is stuck at the P8 (idle) state even when running 3D applications including gaming. As shown in the attached photo, it literally spikes to P0 for 1 second only to drop back down to P8. Therefore, I am ultimately stuck at 135/405... Now I have heard that it is possible to manually control the P-state through configuring with Nvidia Inspector, but I haven't done that yet and would possibly like to fix the issue without having to do that. Would any of you happen to please know how I could best remedy this issue so I may be able to play 3D games at full optimal P0 state performance? I would greatly appreciate it. What I've tried/done: 1) Try Lenovo's new vBios for windows 8.1 2) Try another fully functional SLI Ultrabay Card 3) Reinstall OS What I haven't done yet: 1) Manually configure P-state through Nvidia inspector coding (unaware on how to do this, will read up on it and try later) 2) Flash the bios to 2.04 to unlock (it is on default 2.02) Note: This is mainly concerning SLI performance, as many would already have assumed. When I take out the Ultrabay SLI card, the single 650m GT runs fine on P0 state when 3D games are on.
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