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  1. Scitus, Error 284 fix is to switch to legacy mode from UFEI mode in the bios. You need to disable UFEI boot in bios and put that in legacy mode before making a backup. This should be the first step in the instructions but it appears to be missing. You cannot make a bios backup with this tool or boot into dos before first switching to legacy mode. After you flash the new bios you can switch back to UFEI mode. I successfully did his on my v8.01 lenovo Y580 running windows 8.1.
  2. If the error on the driver installer was that it cannot find a compatible card, use safe mode with installing enabled. THen use the nvidia uninstaller tool from their forums, reboot. then check in device manager to see if any system devices have a yellow triangle next to them, usually pci express controller, and uninstall that. Basically all this does is reset the settings as the default microsoft/intel driver is automatically reinstalled. Reboot again and try to run the installer now. Safe mode everytime, google for th registry change to allow installing in safe mode.
  3. Obvious answer but just in case: if you can access the interior of the computer through another opening check to see the screw thread is exposed on the bottom of whatever thing it is scred into and use a pliers to twist it out from there.
  4. Go into device manager and see if any of he system devices have a yellow triangle next to them. Usually it would be the PCI controller. If anything does, make a backup and uninstall that driver. Windows will automatically replace it with the default driver agai and reset any settings that may still be keyed to your old card.
  5. Something else to consider is the heat management. Even if one system is better, it may be unusable if the vents are poorly position or, like my Lenovo Y580, badly designed with a hardrive sandwhiched between the GPU and CPU. Hello 80 C hard drive, nice to see you melt.
  6. Quick question, has anyone experienced a decrease in windows 8 bluescreens by either increasing or decreasing the voltage values? If so, by how much?
  7. Really should be more deadpool stuff.
  8. Hmm, but look at the colors, cant be an nes. Maybe a sega system if not an SNES.
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