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  1. Just to make sure I understand, the AW 18 cannot use the dual 330w as of yet with the bios power level max? Sorry if that doesn't explain it very well.
  2. Will using Liquid Ultra mess anything up with the Dell Warranty since it can coat the heatsink?
  3. Does anyone know where to buy 330W ac adapters for around $30? Or is it even possible anymore? All the ones I am finding, including Mr. Fox's link, are over $100 each.
  4. joseph0042

    Laptop Cooler

    I decided to purchase the cooler master notepal 3 as the 3 80m fans are movable. You can position them directly under your intake points at the bottom of your laptop. They also make a 2 fan version for 15 inch or smaller laptops. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  5. I'd also agree with the recommendation for Tomb Raider. It was extremely enjoyable. I am waiting for my new laptop to get here to play Assassin's Creed 4, as I really enjoyed the 3rd. I myself need to check out the first 2, but you may want to check out the series if you haven't. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  6. Hey guys. I have been looking into a gaming laptop for a while now and have found a lot of useful information on tech inferno! It helped me make my decision to purchase an alienware 18 from Dell outlet. I hope that I'll be able to help others on here and look forward to testing the heck out of my new AW18 when it gets here tomorrow! Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  7. You could always do light overclocking for a few extra fps if you start to see a need. Or OC the gpu/cpu if you see a bottleneck, but you probably won't see that very often with those specs.
  8. Just ordered my Alienware 18 off the outlet a few days ago! It will be here on Monday!
  9. Hey guys I was able to get an AW 18 from the Dell Outlet and a Dell Outlet Sales rep allowed me to use a coupon intended for a different model on it. So I decided to go with that! It just shipped today!
  10. Hey guys, I have been reading numerous posts and doing comparisons of the Clevo/Sager NP9570, NP9380, and Alienware M18 R2 and R3. I am at a loss for which to go with. I more than likely will wait till the new (well the relabeled) 880m is released with either decision that I make, but has anyone had both clevo/sager and aw? What were your opinions of the 2? And speaking of AW, I have read about the differences and struggles regarding the AW 18 (or street name R3) with the fan tables and throttling when overclocking. Is it worth it to go with an R2 version and then upgrade to 780m or 880m sli? Speaking of 880m...I saw that monkey was lending out some of the 880m's. Did anyone put these in a R2/R3? Any problems or struggles doing so if I pulled the trigger before their release and upgraded later (if I end up finding a good deal before hand)? Sorry for the random questions! But thanks for all the information on the forum. Lots of good stuff here.
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