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  1. The post I read was that it supports single channel 16 gb 1333 mhz and dual channel 16 gb 1600 mhz. Now thanks to NforceRaid I'm sure it works. Makes sense though, the processor is only 2 gen old, so it should have the support to it. I always wondered though, does it make a big difference NforceRaid (not the capacity, mhz rate) ? Theoretically higher frequency should mean that is works faster but can you see any differences?
  2. Hi, I was wondering something. I was replacing my hdd with ssd and there were no problems about it. But in the process I broke the hinge that binds the sata strip and mainboard (it was pretty thin). So right now, the dvd driver is useless. I was wondering if I take out the dvd drive completely (without putting something to replace it), would it do any harm? E.g: Heat-wise or balance-wise
  3. I've had if for 2 years I guess. I'm mostly happy but the hinges are problematic and I'm having some heat issues. You definitely get your moneys worth though. It is pretty strong (performance-wise). SSD upgrade is kinda a must. I can safely say that there is no laptop on the market that has i7 and a GPU that suits my needs so I'm happy I'm not talking about the 2000+ $ laptops of course
  4. I recently bought samsung evo 120 gb and there is a huge difference between a hdd and ssd as far as I can see. I decided to buy samsung evo because a lot of reviews I read said that the price/performance is the best which is what I need. A friend of mine who works on OS's recommended me that Pro is better reliability-wise though.
  5. from what I read, it is possible but they can't be 1600 mhz. Again, I only read it, I haven't experienced it
  6. I'm not an expert but the reason I'm gonna try out the a08 bios is for ssd III. My results are kinda similar to the ones posted before the bios update, so hopefully that new bios will take care of that
  7. It should change some of the voltage values so that you'll have more power. there should be a thread about this
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