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  1. HDD is a raptor HDD, as for the manual their is none because ASUS does not actually want you to open up their laptops. This is as close as you get to PDF manual. If you need help with cables etc, let me know I can help you out
  2. Hello everyone. I have a laptop ROG G751JT which is an older model without G-Sync. I was wandering is there a way to modify card or monitor ID in the bios in order to get the regular driver to work and allow Gsync. I know that PREMA did some work for Clevo 7XX series which got it to work so I would want to see if anyone could do some work on my laptop as well. I did try leaked Alpha drivers before and they worked smoothly, the only real problem was blinking screen when FPS would dip below 30fps in some games. I am however running modified version of Vbios with unlocked clocks (1400 core/6Ghz mem/1100 voltage/200 power) so it is not stock. I will provide a link to my vbios if needed. Any help would be nice. Thank you for your time
  3. Hey Prema. So, as for ASUS G751, is there a way to mod bios ? I've tried the Alpha driver that leaked a while ago but the issue is that its a older driver and I'd like to have the newer once because of performance in some games. Also the screen is 75Hz on JT model
  4. No I t would not because you can't tell if its stock or non-stock ones its applied. Unless you mess something up in process of disassembly they would not even know that you did it
  5. On the left side I think its camera both because speakers connect in the back with that panel which comes off and reviles the screen mounts. As for touch pad, let me ask you something. When you were disconnecting it did you just pull the flat IDC cable out or did you lift that little lever up before removing it? If you did lift it than you are good, just remove the keyboard and make sure it sits properly if not than you could of damaged it bro
  6. Hello brother. Do you have a 3GB flashed Vbios for 970m? - - - Updated - - - We will do
  7. Hey what is up. I've got an unlocked GTX970m for G751JT with higher clocks(up to 1800mghz core, 8000mghz mem) here is the video as well. All files are public
  8. Just hit me up and I will send it to you. PM me
  9. Hey, you need to use the nvidia vbios FLash that does not need signature. Just google it and you will find one
  10. The other thing is, its easier if you pry from both sides left than on right and meet in the middle. You gotta take the whole lot of screws out. Keyboard is holding on the little hooks that it
  11. dean007

    Bricked g751JT

    It's gpu tweak. However the vbios is unlocked
  12. dean007

    Bricked g751JT

    Oh well. This is actually second laptop I had it happen to, I thought it was one time thing. Hell no! I am sending it for rma tomorrow. Problem is that I'm far and won't get it back for like a month. next time in buying sager. Tired of asus garbage. Thank you for your research friend. Hopefully they don't see that my gpu 970m running 1458mghz core and 6Ghz memory lol
  13. dean007

    Bricked g751JT

    Please help. I updated the bios on asus g751JT from 205 to 206 and it turned off for some reason while erasing the bios. I need to recover somehow. No post. hdd lights and charger lights as well as dvd rom work. I am on deployment in kuwait and can't rma it. Laptop is only source of entertainment. Please help
  14. Umm what exactly do you want to measure and if its not a secret what for ?
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