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  1. I can't overclock my 980M more than 150mhz. It doesn't matter te extra-voltaje I put. I tried the maximum with 1.200 but not luck either. The temps seems good below 87°C and I leave the Ram speed to stock to check the core overclock. Is it normal?
  2. Hi. Im about to buy this monitor but I'm not sure if my 3740QM will support the resolution 3440x1440 at 60hz. I read that with Displayport I will get 50hz for sure, but not sure if it will get the 60hz for gaming. The Intel HD 4000 is the one that will allow or not. My laptop has a 980M but the output os though the Intel HD. Any help with this? Thank you
  3. Only the Clevos P7xxZM will get gsync? Is it done just through Bios?
  4. Thanks haiwepa. Can you use that Voltage safely for daily use?
  5. What is the safest voltage I can put up in the 980M 8GB? In the stock I get around 80°C.
  6. menko2

    980m problem.

    Yep i have that also too. It wonder if it's anything related for core -parking; but it's the GPU the ones that doesn't go to full speed.
  7. menko2

    980m problem.

    Hi. I'm having a big problem with my 980M as it doesn't want to work at full speed. I installed Prema Vbios for the 980M and also latest Bios for the motherboard. When I start a game or 3dmark it goes to 600-700mhz instead of the 1038mhz. I'm using 350.12 nvidia driver. Clevo P170EM. 3740QM. Any help with this? Thank you
  8. Prema, will I need a better PSU to overclock properly the 980m? My PSU is the stock with P170EM with 220w. Thank you
  9. What's the best setting in the control panel I can use for vsync or vsync off? What a shame as gsync gets rid of a lot of problems.
  10. Will the owners of the Clevo P170EM get this feature? Gsync is the only thing I'm missing in my laptop.
  11. To a external minutor with a g-sync module... Looks like g-sync can't be enable with a graphic card with optimus
  12. How much is the average overclock for the 980M and the memory?
  13. Ok. I thought the 980m will run at the same temps as the 680M.
  14. I got the card running in stock psu of p170em. No issues until now in a few hours of fresh install. If I overclock I might get one. Thank you
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