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  1. If you removed all the bottom screws + the optical drive screws, the keyboard just pops out. Give some force to it and start from one side, you can use some plastic tool to help pop it out. No screws are holding it. However be careful once the keyboard is removed there are couple ribbon cables attached to mobo, so make sure you disconnect them.
  2. It is a component that passes current to LED backlight. I've burnt mine and need to find out which would be the right component to replace it.
  3. Hello, I need help on measuring multimeter readings on a certain component on a motherboard. Will pay 50$ via paypal! You won't have to take off the heatsink. Please let me know if you can help - I would really really appreciate it.
  4. Hey, what kind of thermal compound did you use for GPU ram and other components?
  5. Hey, where did you order the laptop from? Which ram did it come with? I got Clevo 370SS from exotic and it came if Wintec Ram, which i can't find where to buy..
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