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  1. I found overclocking my GTX 670m caused random shutdowns without any prior warnings (blue screens). Found out my issue had been due to a lack of voltage, rather than heating. Could be the same issue for you? Try a custom bios - at your own risk.
  2. Watch Dogs is fairly graphic-heavy. Overclocking my gtx670m lets me play on high settings with little stutter (minus the nights with heavy rain). It's a mix of bad optimisation and power hungry graphics. Fingers crossed for some bug fixing updates!
  3. FFXIV is a mixed bag. At first SquareSoft (sorry - square enix -.-) were forced to apologize for a fundamentally broken game, then they revamped it and it was so-so. I love the FF series - Pretty much own all the games on most platforms. Sadly since the name change they've been suffering from the modern generation of gamers. 'One button does everything'. The online game is good, well worth a try. But like Weenie said - it's nothing compared to FFXI.
  4. This game - with mods through the nexus mod manager - immediately becomes a next-gen game. It's incredible! I've started it up again recently and the game's so huge I get lost constantly. (Download a custom ENB for incredible results)
  5. jammyjbw

    Far Cry 3

    660m should cope with high settings (maybe drop the shadows down a smidge, or remove Ambien Occolision) though it'll dip between 20-15 on the tougher scenes.
  6. Prime examples of an FPS limit that's needed: Elder Scrolls V. If your fps goes above 60 - weird things begin to happen. Flying cows, bouncing plates. I'd recommend limiting fps to 60 on most games - C.O.D UO has glitches where anything above 30fps makes players jump higher. Besides, *supposedly* we can't really notice fps higher than 60 (Although I sure as hell feel like I'm sporting super human senses on 120fps)
  7. I've personally bought a coolermaster notepal U3 laptop cooler recently (Had the G75VW for well over a year now) and it's worked wonders for cooling. Just pop the back off and let it do its job. The laptop cooling *was* damn good - but recently it's been huffing and puffing. Cleaned it out to no avail. I suppose the only other option is to replace thermal paste.
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