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  1. The problem is now fixed. I bought a 660m from a G75VX-model and had to buy the heat sink that fitted G75VW. Both from ebay with a total cost (shipping included) of 1000 sek. That might be a lot for such an old card, but now I have a computer that finally work.
  2. My battery got some corrosion on the connectors, which I had to clean for it to charge again.
  3. I did some research on this kind of problem, and found some new info. It seems to be a problem with the graphic-chip. If you heat it up in the oven like I did it will restore some functionality, but only temporarily. So for a permanent fix I have to replace the graphic card or the chip. Here's a clip of Louis Rossmann explaining more in depth.
  4. Disregard this, the problem came back.
  5. This is what I tried and what worked for my computer. Hopefully you wont have to bake yours like I did. http://forum.techinferno.com/asus/6430-g75vw-random-shutdown-reboots.html
  6. You wanna know the recipe for success? Don't wait any further, click below 2 years of various trouble shooting A cup of anger and despair 3 pounds of thermal pate One broken ffc-cable ... Lets cut to the chase, none of this worked. So as a last resort I put both the motherboard and graphic card in the oven. 8.5 minutes 200 celcius And now the laptop works flawlessly. I can finally play at original speeds WITHOUT any shutdowns. The thing that caused these problems were probably some solder joints that got overheated. And most likely made them prone to loose connection. Now we play the waiting game, to see how long this fix will continue to work. Disclaimer: This worked for me, and this post is purely to be used as information.
  7. Sadly this wasn't a permanent fix. Still having shutdowns even with the GPU down to 400MHz.
  8. Because of that barely instant shutdown, I dont think it has anything to do with heat.
  9. I have checked the temperature plenty of times. My conclusion is that it's not a heat related problem. Now I've added this line to my startup nvidiaInspector.exe "-forcePState:0,1 -SetPStateLimit:0,1 -setShaderClock:0,2,1100 -setMemoryClock:0,2,1501 -setVoltage:0,1,850" So I manually set my GPU clock (shaderclock) to 1100mhz which gives my card 550mhz, thats 70 mhz down from original speed. But now it works flawless with no shutdowns.
  10. I tried that before, didn't help my problem . But I got to increase my GPU clock from 400 mhz to 530 mhz, and that because I pushed the vcore from 0.9 V to 0.92 V. Not sure if I will get better results pushing it some more.
  11. I'm having a simular problem http://forum.techinferno.com/asus/6430-g75vw-random-shutdown-reboots.html. But my problem only circulates around the graphic. And I "fixed" it by underclock my 670m from 620mhz to 400hz.
  12. It seems like my 670M uses the one vbios that can't be altered with. So for now I have to set my GPU clock to 450 MHz for it to be stable.
  13. That have crossed my mind, but I can't find any modded bios for 670M, just 660M. EDIT: It seems like there is one for the 670m card, but I can't find anything on increasing the voltage?
  14. I recently opened my G75VW and placed a 120 mm Delta Fan underneath. The CPU temp were around 55 and the GPU was around 35 at max load. So I don't think it's a heat problem here.
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