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  1. v-sync is used for very high end systems running a not so demanding game if you have a 60 Hz screen why would you push 150 fps in a way the GPU is rendering unneeded information multiple times when it doesn't need to so v -sync will keep that constant fps and prevent wear and tear and heat from the gpu
  2. Its a performance boost but there are a few things to take in consideration Raid 0 needs to have 2 or more Identical drives as in speed and storage ex: 1) 2 ssds one is 120gb and the other is 240gb in this case when you raid 0 you'll have only 120gb of storage because the data is striped across both drives and you can make a big drive smaller in space but cant make a small drive bigger 2) 2 ssds one is faster than the other. youll only have the speed of the slower one (heres an real life example: you have a Camry and a corvette zr1 both stock: the corvette and Camry can both go 20 mph (32 KM/h) but only the corvette can go 200 MPH (321 KM/h) so what I'm trying to say is the fast drive can go slow but the slow drive cant go faster so you basically have a ssd bottleneck. 3) if you have very important documents and they cant get lost or damaged i would not recommend doing this. because the data is striped across both drives if one drive fails you loose everything regaurless on how many drives you have. but even if you still have those documents and still want to do this i would highly suggest getting an external. 4) Wear and Tear. if you do this like you said just make it a boot drive and have a normal HDD as the drive you write from and install things too. for one an ssd you can read from all day and it will keep superb read speed but the writing after a wheile really puts a tool on a ssd. the write speed will slow down as the read speed will stay the same thats until TRIM. BUT hold on there trim works for one or more ssds not in an array. thats were Rapid storage technology also (ex you have intel ssds you get intel ssd toolbox) to help with the trim command to both devices in the array. 5) you might not see a performance increase because if you dont have a RAID Card then your cpu has to work hard to compensate for writing to both drives thats why you need one but nothing to expensive because your not doing extreme raid 10 or 5 with a bunch of drives for data storage. so depending if you have a raid card or intel matrix ( o would google your machine to see if ou have this ) then maybe not the best idea to do raid 0 but still put in a ssd theyll always be faster than even an ssd beats the 10000 rpm velociraptor hdd. hope this helped
  3. I have the same machine and I didn't have it go black but can you tell me if its a 3d screen or regular
  4. How would I be able to flash vbios. I have m17x r4. Nvidia 675m I have all what I need dos and nvflash and the ROM but I seen on other forms that u need to know if its MSI or cleavo ( I think that's how you spell it) Thanks for reading and replies.
  5. havent seen any new ones but recently ive seen Deja Vu With D. Washington that one is great and i seen Stand And Deliver Yesterday ive seen that one soooo many times
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