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  1. Hello Guys, So my problem is very simple. And I'm here asking if this happened to another users and if they found the solution to this problem. I have an external monitor, new (and was tested with another computer to rule out the possibility of being a monitor problem), that is connected to my P650RE6 (the one with a gtx 970m). I have also changed the HDMI cable to try out. So, randomly I have some loss of the signal that is being transmitted via HDMI to the External Monitor. This happens randomly, and when I am using the computer normaly, like browsing, seeing some youtube's videos,etc. No problem occurs when I am using the full performance of the laptop, like playing games, and no problem occurs when I am on battery either. Also, when the laptop is being used normally and the battery is also charging, I have no problem. So could something like this happened to another user? On my retail store they say that they know that this problem exists with P600 series, but neither them or Clevo know why is happening. What can I do? Could a miniDisplayPort adapter to HDMI fix this (in that case I am using another port)? Thanks everyone
  2. Good Night everyone, First of all I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum but it's my first post here. So, last July I bought a P650RE6 with these specs: -> i7 6700HQ; -> nvidia gtx 970m; -> 16 Gb DDR4; -> 240 Gb SSD. In the first days of use, the laptop worked like a charm. Everything runned smoothly, low temps, no anormal noise, everything was ok. But after a week, I noticed that the laptop was getting some temperatures that weren't normal. So I returned to the store, they saw that the temperatures weren't normal and replaced the thermal paste. I came back home and everything was fine again. In the next day, I noticed on a static noise that I could ear when writing an email, moving my mouse, scrolling on facebook, etc. That electrostatic noise some people say that is normal, that is coil whine, but it appeared out of no where and that was really strange to me. Why did on the first days no noise like that exists, but after replacing thermal paste the noise appeared? So, I couldn't find an answer, and the noise is something like this video (in my case is quieter): After aproximately 1 month, my laptop started to make another kind of electrical noise, now coming from the motherboard where the AC-DC charger is connected. That noise only happens when the discrete GPU is working, either playing a soft game like Minecraft, or a more demanding one like Overwatch. In any case, the noise is different from program to program. The noise is something like in this video: So I returned to the store, and we basically took another brand new two P650, and inserted my original DD4 RAM, Wifi connector, keyboard and SSD. In all of them, they had the same behavior. The only common link between the three, it's the DD4 RAM, Wifi connector, keyboard and SSD. In the store they say that in other P650 that they build, any of them had this kind of anormal noises. So I can't figure out what it is. We even tested with 1 DD4 RAM at a time, and noise was still there. But we didn't test the SSD. So can this related to the SSD? Can the SSD be the reason for the CPU and GPU noise? Can the reason be related to another part (like DD4 RAM or wifi connecter or either the laptop keyboard)? Many thanks for your help, and I'm really sorry if I couldn't be more explicit in my problem.
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