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  1. I don't think mine was a wrong bios detected error but I did have to "enable" flashing old version in bios to downgrade from 3.05 to 2.07. I don't remember the exact title. It's in the same section as enabling/disabling "wireless" towards the bottom.
  2. I bought mine from amazon with prime. It was ~32 dollars.
  3. Confirming success. I was on a modded 2.07 previously and decided to go back to 3.05 with modded bios a shot. To be safe, I followed all the steps and got it all working. However, svl, I noticed the output of Biosfixer 2.0 from 3.05 zip file was named v305Mod.bin and I checked your BIOS.bat file had this line: "fpt -f 305mod.bin -BIOS". I fixed the BIOS.bat to match with the file name so I had mine as "fpt -f v305mod.bin -BIOS". Just a little something in case something people will come across... My Intel 7260 AC that was working on modded 2.07 is still working on modded 3.05. So I want to say thank you for this! In summary, Modded 2.07 -> Stock 3.05 -> Stock 2.07 -> Modded 3.05. SIDENOTE: I had to remove my Intel 7260 AC card prior to flashing bios to stock avoiding the "unsupported wireless card message" and had "wireless" disabled in the bios the time being I was upgrading the bios.
  4. I want to also confirm this. I followed @Shamejonas instructions since I bought a y410p with BIOS 3.05. I was able to sucessfully downgrade from 3.05 to 2.07 then installed 2.07 mod (wlan whitelist). I haven't installed an intel 7260 AC model yet as it will be arriving end of this week
  5. Check out this link guys: http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/5405-please-make-modded-y510p-bios-based-74cn44ww-v3-05-a-8.html#post87351
  6. halkun

    Laptop Cooling Pad

    How is the cooling pad working out for you? Is it worth getting?
  7. Heya guys. I joined the forum mainly to learn and install modded bios so I can use much better wifi card for my y410p. But I'm sure as I continue staying in this community, I will learn more than just what I came here for and that's usually the case
  8. I went ahead and bought a PNY 128gb SSD, I am currently using that as my primary OS drive while the 1 TB as a media storage. Working great.
  9. I've been asking many people and many that has y410p/y510p recommends the 7260 AC if they are able to mod their bios
  10. This is what mine says, can I downgrade mine to 2.07? Top right says REV 3.7, while I have bios revision of 3.05. http://i.imgur.com/kDZayDb.jpg EDIT: See my post below. If moderator can combine my post, that'd be great as well.
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