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  1. Just wanted to inform everyone that it worked flawlessly. My 7260ac card paired with my new Netgear R7000 Nighthawk is blazing fast! Just a tip, after I flashed the bios it reverted to default settings which includes uefi boot, and since I have my operating system on my mSATA drive, the laptop booted up and told me that it could not find an operating system. Fixed by changing back to legacy. Thank you svl7!
  2. I apologize in advance for this probably dumb question, but I do not have the energy to go all 168 pages of this thread. I currently have a Y500 with an i5 3320 and 2 x 650m. I have upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro; I have upgraded the ram, and the msata SSD to a 240GB Mushkin, which I have installed the operating system on (with the BIOS in legacy boot mode), and Windows 8.1 Pro. Current BIOS version is 1.05, with the updated vBIOS for 8.1. My question is this: Can I upgrade to the unlocked BIOS, for the purpose of installing an Intel 7260AC wifi card, without encountering any issues with any of the mods I have already done? and if so, do I simply follow the guide on the first page of this thread, or are there any added steps? Thank you in advance to anyone who can definitively answer this.
  3. I have an Intel 7260ac sitting in front of me right now. Do you have an update on the Bluetooth issue? My understanding from your last post is that it still does not work after waking the computer. I currently have v1.05 Lenovo BIOS and my Bluetooth does not work after waking from sleep.
  4. mb111

    Lenovo Y500 bricked

    I would really like to know some more information: what BIOS version did you update from? and to? was it a hacked version? If so, did the version numbers match?
  5. Wow, just have to say I am extremely impressed with your cable management!
  6. Sounds like a great build. I don't see any issues with any of those parts. And with specs like that you should have no problems running any games or other software. I recently purchased a fractal design node 605 case and I love it. Fractal design makes some beautiful cases, and also very functional. My case has a felt-like material on the inside of the door that is used to dampen the sound of the fans.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am also here because I have a y500. I just bought a wireless AC card for my laptop and popped it in without doing any research first, and of course I got the horrible message telling me how much lenovo sucks (i.e. unauthorized wireless card). So yeah, seems like a pretty cool forum so far.
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