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  1. The one on the site hasn't updated. I usually get a response here via the alert system so it helps when I'm not always on the lookout. Same should go for him.
  2. @Prema: Do you happen to have the updated EC for P650SG (1.03.06)? Supposedly its a fix for the AC1525 wireless card.
  3. Benchmark with Prema Modded vBIOS and modified desktop drivers for P650SG: +200 MHz (Core Clock) / +400 MHz (Memory Clock) / +30 mV NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4720HQ,Clevo P65_P67SG powered by PremaMod.com Things to note: -Any higher on Core Clock would cause it to have a driver crash, most likely due to lack of power (180W PSU, waiting for Dell 230W to arrive with converter) -Any higher Memory Clock would cause serious artifacting
  4. @Prema: Does the GTX 980M vBIOS mod work for all 980M cards? I think I remember seeing a few from different manufacturers with the same 8GB vRAM. Just wondering before I make my purchase of the individual part.
  5. I didn't see the P6XXSG last night... guess my phone needs some cache clearing. Thanks again.
  6. @Prema: Not sure if stated, but do you have a vBIOS mod for a non-MXM version of GTX 980M? (I have the P650SG with the 4GB soldered 980M) I am currently contemplating on upgrading my P150EM or just getting P751ZM and be done with the old one for the 980M... damn choices.
  7. Anyone know if the Mythlogic 1614 Dia (Clevo P65XSX) uses the Sharp IGZO screen for 4K? Is there any seller for US for this particular model? Really looking forward to: i7-4870HQ/i7-4980HQ GTX 980M 3 or 4K display with at least 70% matte.
  8. I would highly advise to not let the laptop enter "Sleep Mode". That or disable options that allow keyboard, mouse, and plugging/unplugging to turn the system on. I strictly use Hibernation only to avoid the machine from powering on (as I had a similar issue, except it didnt hit past 92C by the time I got back to it).
  9. The laptop is still working great from my end... I wouldn't replace it until a more notable contender comes in that makes the GTX 680M completely obsolete. For now, it performs extremely well with little to no issues. I wouldn't sell it unless you're strapped for cash. I see the prices varying between 1200-1800 USD.
  10. I checked my temperatures and fan behavior for the W230ST with the latest BIOS and didn't notice anything odd with it. If anything, it turns on a lot less frequently. Though I do have a lot of changes made on my system so it performs exactly as I want it to...
  11. @Khenglish: Think you can provide some images? Would help a few of us out if you can!
  12. Funny you should mention this. I found that fix on my own a while ago when I attempted to force Shadowplay to work on an Optimus laptop (greatly failed). Video provides proof and what steps I took to do it. As for the general consensus about the game, its decent, not great or groundbreaking. Same as BF3 IMO and will not be as awesome as BF2142. I did get BF4 for free however due to an EA insider working on the Origin client. The Premium service I had to pay for since its not part of Origin itself, but a DICE service (not EA). So I guess I got the cheaper end of the deal overall.
  13. Hello everyone of TI, Though this is not strictly a laptop discussion, both my current PCs are laptops running 128GB mSATA SSD and 1TB SATAII. I have a question regarding usage of the memory paging file created by Windows and how should I set it up without impacting performance and creating issues on the PC. Some time ago, I faced a memory leak issue in which increased the Windows page file to roughly 47GB (I have 16GB of RAM, so this value is somewhat understandable, but very dumb). I do not know how exactly is it ticked off to go that high besides the leak issue, and was wondering what is the general file size of this page file and if its even necessary. Do not discuss the degradation of SSD lifespan as that is not important to this topic and I'm pretty sure everyone knows SSD's will last a long time even without the usage of paging file. I just wanted to know the important of this system and how it directly affects us end users who like gaming and performance. If possible, put into layman's terms if you can. Otherwise, I'll have to make a few read-throughs to understand on busy days. -Lone
  14. I'd like to join the group as well, considering both my laptops are Clevos. Currently fine tuning between performance and heat with further modified settings without use of undervolting on the W230ST. P150EM is still a beast though... no issues whatsoever.
  15. I've tested a few and kept the -80mV as my default. For the multipliers, I've had them at 28, 26, 25, 25 in order from 1-4 cores active. This limits the CPU speed under load and does similar/same effect as undervolting. For some odd reason, games tend to force the CPU to max regardless of my max frequency after modifying settings, so I just decreased the multipliers to help. 73-76C under heavy load when playing games like Metro Last Light, HAWKEN (High Settings; PhysX Enabled), and etc. at 45FPS+ (Not overclocked;would probably be a massive bump if i maxed the OC on GTX 765M). @Prema: The fans...even under light load... make me cry D: There needs to be salvation for the fan profiles so it doesnt go to only just silent, slightly audible, and full blast. I swear...its as if those are the only three settings it has. Mines end up being on full blast most of time when running slightly heavy applications.
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