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  1. Was just wondering, what all brands of memory does this community prefer for upgrading? Myself, I've been looking at Corsair Vengeance and Patriot Viper for my 9380 since that's what it sounds like most of the Sager owners at my reseller have in their own rigs, and am wary of anything G.Skill due to a friend having nothing but trouble with their modules--but I know that for any given brand some people have really good luck, others really bad, and most somewhere in the middle.
  2. Guys, I guess I should note how I upgrade: I keep a spreadsheet with what the latest, greatest and best parts are, and update it every six months to a year. Since this is a brand-new system, I'm still starting from scratch building that... and the current iteration has not the already-streeted 4930 chip but the just-announced 4940. I looked at the P370EM, and what ended up selling me on the SM was that I needed a lot of expansion "headroom" to meet my requirement of a ten-year service life... plus ridiculous over-cooling. (Though maybe I was overcompensating... one of my previous machines was specifically built to run StarCraft II "whenever it releases" and barely did so six years later, along with having severe propensity to overheat, and that's about the newest game I play.) Well, that and I got in on the Black Friday sale plus a nice referral discount...
  3. See signature--not playing with any BIOS mods til my warranty expires, but and penciling in a rebuild right after and another halfway from then to decommission.
  4. Been there--nice game engine, my personal hope is that someday they'll do an updated version of Roberts's last game, Freelancer, with it. I mean, EVE Online is a step toward what FL was trying to be, and post-release modders have found ways to retro-fit features to FL that were originally discussed but left on the cutting-room floor... but if the impression I'm getting is right, the SC game engine could bring mind-blowing improvement to almost anything in the space-combat genre it touched.
  5. Dunno about the size on your Lenovo, but I have a CoolerMaster NotePal X3 that goes everywhere with me, usually under the "sidekick" netbook rather than my main laptop. As a bonus, it has enough cooled area on top for a couple of external HDD's... Catch is, it takes as much room as an entire 17" laptop, and for carrying the beast and my 12.5TB, eight-drive storage array I gotta use a catalog case that's technically too big for airline carry-on.
  6. Signing in from Seattle... stumbled on TI looking for a repair manual for my new system just in case I have to take it down a little farther than normally intended for users. (Only two accessible DIMM slots in a Clevo P370SM, other two take a bit more work.)
  7. Maybe I shoulda skipped the SLI'ed 765's after all... I'm shooting for at least a ten-year service life on my P370SM (Sager NP9380) with two projected mid-life rebuild/upgrades assuming parts are still available that far out. Hmmm... been slobbering over this since I first spotted it a couple days ago. Starting to wonder if I shoulda skipped the 2x 765M SLI upgrade... A grand each for an i7-4940MX and two of these... figuring out how to afford it all is really gonna suck.
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