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  1. agithanp793

    New y510p Owner

    Ah shite, I haven't been on the site for a while. I will take that drink anytime :P/
  2. I'm not sure about all Lenovo models, but for the Y410P/Y510P models, you do require this unlocked BIOS to upgrade your wireless card from the stock one
  3. As this was my first time actually flashing a BIOS on a computer, I must say it went very well, thanks to your instructions, svl7! I followed your guide on how to flash the vbios as well and that worked out pretty well as well! Once again, THANK YOU svl7 for your hard work and dedicaiton on not just this BIOS mod, but also the others as well, as it means alot to many users such as this noob right here. Cheers, mate! <3
  4. agithanp793

    anyone upgrade the screen on a y510p

    I acutally got very jealous of your Y510P because the glossy bezel is pretty annoying at times, like whenever I watch movies at night and look a bit up and see my reflection and get scared shitless for a few seconds
  5. agithanp793

    Y500 650M SLI Stuttering

    I've always had minor micro-stuttering in my games whenever the frame rate goes below 40-45 FPS. This is the main problem with running an SLI configuration with the SLI mode set to Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR). If anyone has managed to get no stuttering or very minimal and unnoticeable stuttering, it would be nice if they posted their fix here.
  6. agithanp793

    Y500 SLI gt750m overclocking

    Did you flash it yet? If so, was the overclock stable and was everything working fine?
  7. agithanp793

    Y510p Excessive Battery Drain

    Try using BatteryBar or some other equaivalent battery monitoring software to get accurate results. If it is actually 9 hours, message me and I'll definitely take out my second 750M!
  8. agithanp793

    Lenovo Y510P Battery Upgrade

    You could try to find an aftermarker battery on web sites such as Doctor Battery. You can usually find compatiable non-OEM batteries that are 6-cell, 8-cell, 9-cell and 12-cell depending on how long you want the battery to last. The stock battery just gives you a bit over 2 and a half hours of battery life.
  9. agithanp793

    Y500 Ultrabay GPU Fan Not Working

    Since he said he updated the drivers, thaat could be the issue here. A quick check in the Nvidia Control Panel should confirm if he's running in SLI mode or not.
  10. agithanp793

    Lenovo Y510P Modded BIOS Compatibility

    Hi there, I was just searching the forums and found svl7's lenovo Y410P/510P modded bios and was wondering if it would work with my bios? BIOS Version is 74CN35WW (V1.10) Thanks in advance for a reply.
  11. agithanp793

    New y510p Owner

    If you have the Y510P with the optical drive in the ultrabay slot, you can possibly buy this one or another compatible one to add in an extra HDD/SSD. Keep in mind that you will have to do a little work to remove the screws from your optical drive bezel and then screw the caddy onto the bezel with the HDD inside and then insert it like usual into the Ultrabay slot. Link: Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p HDD Caddy - add an extra HDD or SSD into your laptop!

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