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  1. Have an old HP Dv9820us 17" that won't run for more than 30 minutes without overheating...even on a cooling pad it overheats. Anyone know of this issue? have any ideas? I even tried an SSD thinking that might lower the heat... still overheats. I've heard that these HP's often melt the solder on the GPU and need to be refluxed...anyone know anything about that? am I in danger?
  2. I think the general consensus right now is that at almost every price point, Intel is a better choice for a gaming CPU. AMD has some good choices for Video editing/rendering with inexpensive 8-core CPU's, but Intel pretty much takes the cake for gaming. Sometimes you can find a deal on an AMD that might be worth the decrease in performance however, and end up being a better value. Just have to shop around. It also depends on how serious you want to get about gaming. Most gaming is more GPU dependant than CPU, so you just need a CPU good enough to not bottleneck your GPU. A $75 AMD X3 might be good enough for a low end gpu., but you probably want at least 4 threads, a dualcore hypthreaded haswell would outperform most quadcores that are more than 2 generations old like my lynfield I5-750...but if your getting a GPU like a 7990, you definately want a nice CPU
  3. I'd check out some websites like Worth Monkey - The blue book for used electronics and more! that give you an idea for price, then put it out there and see if anyone bites. Might have to go below market value slightly to get it sold. - - - Updated - - - Thought I'd add that if it's only 5 months old, it should still have 7 months of factory warranty at least. Let potential buyers know that if there is anything wrong, it's under warranty. To me that's what most people are most worried about when buying something used.
  4. Almost got my y510p through xoticPC and they have an option to upgrade the screen to a 95% gammut screen for +$165. Wondering if anyone has done this, and how difficult it would be to upgrade the screen myself, where I would find one etc.
  5. After updating the drivers, I havn't noticed drops as much, but I'm getting between 15-20 mbps right next to my wireless N router... this seems slow to me...So I'm going to upgrade and flash my bios too... my question is what happens if you have to send the laptop in for repair on something else? do you flash your bios back and swap the original 2230 back in?
  6. warm bodies was good. non traditional zombie flick
  7. it's m.2 is the next gen of ssd's after msata. infact it's referred to as ngff..next gen form factor... I think it's more of a pcie interface than sata. building them smaller for ultra portables. hopefully you have the interface and not just an empty slot
  8. whats a good gaming mouse for a laptop...something that is portable and not too expensive. Don't need a lot of extra buttons.
  9. I too would recommend a lenovo. I got a y510p 750SLI with bluray player 24GB m.2 cache drive 1tb 5400 drive for $1080 refurbished from tiger direct. got a 256gb samsung 840 for $130, and i love it...if I can figure out how to get rid of the stupid whitelist for the wireless card.
  10. msi ge60 has a killer network card...there supposed to be good. Newegg.com - MSI GE Series GE60 2OE-003US Intel Core i7 4700MQ(2.40GHz) 8GB Memory 750GB HDD 15.6" Notebook Win 8 Multi-language
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