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  1. Same problem I have. I dont remember how I did it on a friend's R2 but I upgrade to W8 and I have that problem.... Luckily, his old HDD has W7 and working good. I will try today what I think it did: use old card, install w8, install all drivers, expect sound card (his working w7 is using windows's drivers) and then swap the video card.
  2. again, have you tried to clear the cmos?
  3. I should say, buy the 880m, it is the same price (at least when I bought it)
  4. Update: I used a 0.019" aluminum shim between the GPU and the heatsink, and it mantained the temp in 75-80C, but I think I have damaged the GPU before that. After so many tries, it started to crash in 74-82 C when used, so it was useless, but worth sharing if anyone have heat problems. Tried the shim solution on a m15x (changed rom a 460M to a 660M) and the temp went to 38C with FurMark. Impressive at my point of view.
  5. The same one for my R4 and ran without a trouble, but I don't use RAID
  6. Diamond thermal paste. 0.5mm thermal pads. Fans are at 100% (4400rpm) manually using hwinfo - - - Updated - - - And I only placed it on the RAM
  7. Try botting to a linux distro with a USB and check if you can access the drives. Also, do you have 1 drive or 2?
  8. It may be. I am using a 240W PSU but with a m17x R4, and I didn't have problems.
  9. Well, I'm in Mexico, and FedEx shipping should be cheap. I am repairing now a R2, so I can stick it to the slave port and flash it there.
  10. Well, clear the BIOS? It should reset to factory defaults, and will enable IGP
  11. Hello friends! I have upgraded my brother's R3 to a GTX770m, and the old HD6970m, I am trying to install it to a friend with a R2. I don't know what I am doing wrong, I just can't. The GPU overheats (88C) and shuts down. I have used new diamond thermal paste, I have used new thermal pads, cutted perfectly for the RAM only. What am I missing? Thanks friends!
  12. I have tried the 770m and I can tell you, you will have problems with the audio. Change the VBIOS and use Dell audio drivers. If not, you'll have whit screens
  13. Anyone have tried to use an 6970m with the r2? I have problems with overheating
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