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  1. I have read that major Windows 10 updates tend to mess up drivers (have to keep reinstalling gpu drivers every time). Though I'm not sure why that wouldn't let me reinstall new ones. Just a thought.
  2. First of all, I have an M17X R3 with a GTX 765M and am running Windows 10. So I recently ran into an old problem where loading Windows with both my dedicated GPU and integrated audio turned on would cause a white screen to appear. This issue began to appear again (it used to happen in the past till I found a specific driver installation order) after trying out this IDT driver which would supposedly improve my integrated audio's performance. It then caused my computer to fail and so I deleted the new driver and tried to reinstall the old one in this order: Delete GPU drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller, install old integrated audio drivers by disabling dedicated GPU and using IGP instead, disable integrated audio and install graphics driver with driver enforcement disabled (because modified inf and list devices), and Reboot. However, my integrated card will now instead crash my computer less than a minute after logging in with a random color screen crash (as opposed to the old white screen crash while starting Windows) What's going on?
  3. In my case I'm not sure what the problem was, but I had to send it to Khenglish and I will say thx again Khenglish for fixing it =D Anyways,Never in under any circumstances touch the memory timings. It is highly dangerous.
  4. You can use GPU-Z (google it) to extract your vbios. Another option would be to get one from techpowerup vbios collection (again, google it) but let me warn you with this example: Sometimes even if you get a 765m vbios (from the site I mean, getting from GPU-Z will always work fine) for your 765m doesn't mean it would always work, as some have variations among OEM's (such as memory timings). (and I learned that from experience)
  5. So, based on the fact that I haven't seen any recent reply's by SVL7, I'm going to assume that either this isn't the thread for it anymore, or perhaps he doesn't do them anymore. Can someone confirm this?
  6. Recreating my request, this time with drop box instead of file dropper (sorry for that mistake). https://www.dropbox.com/s/02cm9qbocnp4y94/11E1.rom?dl=0 I would like for this vbios to have everything unlocked so I can have full control in afterburner (voltage, clocks, etc.) Thanks.
  7. Should vbios requests still be posted on this thread or has that been changed to another thread?
  8. I got m17x r3 with A12 bios and was wondering if the A12 bios allows compatibility with 3rd generation intel cpus. (currently 2630qm)
  9. So does it work properly now that you disabled it?
  10. Makes sure that the intake has space to pull air into the laptop (meaning, put it on a hard, flat surface). Disabling Hyper-Threading in the BIOS also helps.
  11. Make sure BD Prochot is disabled.
  12. So I guess that's it then? No one knows how to fix the switchable graphics problem?
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