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  1. I still have this issue too. It's pretty annoying.
  2. Nothing looks too out of the ordinary. I may have to switch back to the 2230 and compare system logs...
  3. Thanks for the advice! I was just making sure there wasn't improved support for the Intel 7260 in a newer BIOS version.
  4. If I'm only interested in the whitelist removal, is there any benefit of me upgrading from BIOS 1.09 to 2.04 or 2.07?
  5. Tired of the Intel Centrino 2230's poor performance, I decided to upgrade. I followed the standard procedure of flashing the modified BIOS (with svl7's great tool! Thanks!) with the whitelist removed, swapped the cards, and booted up. No issues encountered and my wifi connection was much more stable and faster. Great, right? Yes! That is... until I tried to put my laptop to sleep later that night. Right after it gets to sleep, it wakes right back up. I've done a good bit of research and it seems that other people who performed the same upgrade are suffering from it as well. I've attempted all of the "fixes" I've seen but nothing has help. So, I'm turning to you more experienced people! To make it a bit easier, I'll include the results from some testing that I've seen suggested already. BIOS version: 1.09 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Model: 7260HMW Driver version: Bluetooth driver version: 3.1.1311.400 Someone suggested using this command to see if there was anything "weird". Doesn't look so. C:\>powercfg requests DISPLAY: None. SYSTEM: None. AWAYMODE: None. EXECUTION: None. PERFBOOST: None. Someone suggested removing all other devices that can wake the system so I can rule them out in my tests. C:\>powercfg /devicequery wake_armed HID Keyboard Device Someone suggested that this command may show what device caused the wake. Unfortunately, it didn't. C:\>powercfg /lastwake Wake History Count - 1 Wake History [0] Wake Source Count - 0 Event viewer right after sleep attempted. [U]Information 3/10/2014 11:53:22 AM Power-Troubleshooter[/U] The system has returned from a low power state. Sleep Time: ‎2014‎-‎03‎-‎10T15:53:07.244058500Z Wake Time: ‎2014‎-‎03‎-‎10T15:53:21.053838700Z Wake Source: Unknown [U]Information 3/10/2014 11:53:18 AM BTHUSB[/U] Windows cannot store Bluetooth authentication codes (link keys) on the local adapter. Bluetooth keyboards might not work in the system BIOS during startup. [U]Information 3/10/2014 11:53:17 AM Kernel-Power[/U] Firmware S3 times. ResumeCount: 1, FullResume: 385, AverageResume: 385 [U]Information 3/10/2014 11:53:17 AM Kernel-General[/U] The system time has changed to ‎2014‎-‎03‎-‎10T15:53:17.500000000Z from ‎2014‎-‎03‎-‎10T15:53:14.537849800Z. Change Reason: System time synchronized with the hardware clock. [U]Information 3/10/2014 11:53:12 AM Kernel-Power[/U] The system is entering sleep. Sleep Reason: Application API Sorry for such a long, boring post but I figured that I'd try to provide as much info as possible. Any other tests I should run? I'd love to be able to sleep my laptop again...
  6. Yep, you can replace it. I've noticed that the most popular option seems to be the MyDigitalSSD 128GB one. Due to the physical size limits inside the laptop, that's about as much space as you're going to get for now. Amazon link: http://amzn.com/B00EZ2E8NO
  7. Not sure if you're looking for wired or wireless, but I'm really happy with the Logitech K800. The battery in this thing lasts forever and it recharges via a standard micro USB port.
  8. Engee


    I'm returning my Dell S2440L for an Asus VS248H-P. I've only had the Asus for less than a day, but it looks to be the better option overall. I will miss the aesthetics of the Dell though... It's a nicely designed device.
  9. I've had laptops with matte screens and laptops with glossy screens. Never really cared too much until I decided to get a 24" external monitor. Now, I have a Dell S2440L (glossy) and an Asus VS248H-P (matte) sitting on my desk. One is getting returned tomorrow, and it's very likely going to be the Dell. The screen looks really nice, but the gloss is just too much. Matte for me!
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