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  1. Hello. My NoteBook is Clevo PE170EM BIOS Date: 10/19/12 10:41:59 Ver: 04.06.05 SMBIOS Major Version: 2.7 What fille i need to download for ubdating my bios? Is it: P170EM / NP9170 | Prema Mod K2 EDITION > Alternative Keyboard Layout (Win key left / FULL FAN > FN+1) ?? I seen information: IF THE CURRENT SYSTEM BIOS / EC IS 1.00.03 OR EARLIER, IT IS MANDATORY TO UPDATE TO 1.00.04 BEFORE USING THIS MOD! DO NOT USE ANY RANDOM, NON MATCHING OR OLD BIOS & EC VERSIONS! DOING SO MAY CAUSE A NON BOOTING SYSTEM! So my version is ready to update from this link?
  2. I have WIDI in my notebook ant im happy from it. Sometimes some probloems but it work's in most cases But remember. YOU CANT PLAY GAMES BY WIDI. Everything what u see on tv comes about 0,5sec late. Great for Movies but not for gaming
  3. Like in Title. I had some of iluminated keyboards but in most of them lost letters after some of time. Anyone know a good quality of iluminated keyboard?
  4. Guys it is a very big difference from One GTX 780 and 2x GTX 780 SLI? I mean that this diference is worth to buy another card or maybe better is to pay for one stronger like Titan?
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