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  1. You are very welcome! Actually, I misspoke. The GPU will only "boost" if the value in the boost table is set higher than the base clock. Setting the base clock on the Common tab lower doesn't keep it from boosting. That being said, if you go to the Boost Table tab and set the Max Table Clock lower than the base clock setting on the Common tab, then the GPU clock will be clamped at the lower boost clock. I tested this and it works. If you want to set the TDP and Base Clock to 823.5 it won't hurt anything. The last test I did was to set the TDP and 3D Base Clocks to 993.0 and the Max Table Clock to 823.5. The highest the GPU would clock was 823.5 I don't think the voltage will matter. From the factory it's set lower than what Svl7 set it in the modded vbios. If you go too low then the card won't start up when you boot. Then you have a whole mess of a problem fixing that unless you can blind flash it or you have an Alienware. It would be a good idea to set your laptop to boot off of a USB flash drive if you decide to mess with voltages. Not recommended and really... not needed.
  2. That won't do it. My laptop always uses boost with the modded 880M vbios. I tested this for you. What it takes is to go the the Boost Table tab and used the slider to set the max boost to 823.5 and save it before you leave that tab. It would be a good idea to save the file as something else before you start monkeying with it. I called my uc.rom (underclock ROM). Here are the results.
  3. Prema - you have a godlike patience. Hats off to you!
  4. Please respect the 5 quality posts rule. The developers do this in their free time. All you have to do is participate (find a topic that interests you) and have a little patience.
  5. As of today, yes. Prema is working on it and has had some early success. OP: The P170EM is a nice machine. In my opinion, you are going to have to open up the air inlets to get good cooling with these machines. Even taking a small file and making the slits a slightly larger will yield very measurable results. Look here for Clevo cooling mods. I did some on my P170SM-A and had great results. For first link is what I did to my machine. http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/7747-%5Bhardware-mod%5D-more-than-5-minute-mod-improve-pch-cooling-p17xsm.html#post106083 http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/5275-%5Bhardware-mod%5D-clevo-p150-p170-cooling-system-solutions-here.html#post73635 What I did to my CPU heat sink, which is very similar to what I did to my GPU heatsink. Mine was very warped. From what you have stated, you just need more air flow through the system. http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/5275-%5Bhardware-mod%5D-clevo-p150-p170-cooling-system-solutions-here-5.html#post98197 http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/5275-%5Bhardware-mod%5D-clevo-p150-p170-cooling-system-solutions-here-5.html#post98197
  6. Had this 880M since last year. Last time I checked I was #2 behind johnksss.
  7. n00b question: how is ASIC determined?
  8. This is already unlocked. See the Nvidia 770m - 'OC edition' - rev02.zip Here: http://forum.techinferno.com/general-notebook-discussions/1847-nvidia-kepler-vbios-mods-overclocking-editions-modified-clocks-voltage-tweaks.html#post23432 It is the same board even though it doesn't say Dell in the zip file name.
  9. n=1 sent me the link originally. And yeah, that is an odd description.
  10. Geesh.... that sucks. $40 is high for a fan, but you know it will fit.
  11. $45.00 for your's, Brother Ethrem... Be sure to pick the right one. Clevo Laptop Parts :: P37xxM :: CPU Cover Module for P37xxM - R&J Technology, Clevo Barebone Notebook kits, Laptop and desktop system builder
  12. The bottom cover is $35 from RJTech. Just be sure to pick the right one. If unsure, just call them. They are easy to work with and know their stuff. Clevo Laptop Parts :: P150SM/P157SM/P170SM/P177SM :: CPU Cover Module for P15xxM/P17xxM - R&J Technology, Clevo Barebone Notebook kits, Laptop and desktop system builder
  13. The thing is that I don't undervolt, I overvolt to get a stable system. I run my 880M at 1.025v all the time. The GPU is set for 993 MHz base clock with boost to 1032.5 MHz. Memory is set to 2800 MHz.
  14. Actually, the stock voltage is a tad low. If you undervolt it much it will just crash. But keep in mind that every card is different. You may have better results than I did. I suggest you address your cooling issues first. What machine are you running? If it's in your sig, I can't see it in Tapatalk.
  15. It *might* if you are all about benchmarks. It shouldn't if you are using it for gaming.
  16. Just to clarify... Firmware in your video card is installed on the flash memory of that video card. If you remove the card and put it in another laptop, the flash memory goes with it and thus, the vbios. When you format the computer what you are actually doing is formatting the hard drive or solid state drive. This has no affect on the video card bios. If you take the hard drive or solid state drive out and put it in another machine, your operating system and all your files go with it. Moving the storage to another machine does not mean things will work properly in that machine, but that is another topic. [emoji6]
  17. You are correct. The only way to change from "silent" to "cool" is to reflash the firmware.
  18. The GPU doesn't need to be removed to repaste the heatsink.
  19. That is a nice looking machine.
  20. Definitely... personal preference.
  21. I actually swapped my matte screen in my P170SM-A for a glossy one just last week. So far I am very happy with the change. The glossy screen is much sharper and easier to read. The going that prompted me was my wife's Yoga Pro 2, which has a 3200x1800 glossy screen. It is the sexy.
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