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  1. Hello all, I'm from the UK, but am in Canada at the moment - and have just purchased a new Alienware 18, which I am going to go to California to collect... ...exciting!! I am having an odd issue where some of my posts appear and others are refusing to do so. Do early posts have to be approved by a mod?
  2. thingygeoff

    DayZ Alpha

    I've played the DayZ mod a while ago - it was good fun and made much better by meeting up with your friends. However the twitchy zombie animations and gawky running always mildly annoyed me! Frankie however is awesome - I just watch his videos, regardless of the game, because he's so bloody funny!
  3. I've only just joined up with the forums so no one is likely to care so much - but I believe in the crusade of Geeks + Gym! Nothing like busting the normal perceptions! Am more on general stamina and cardio regime myself - so not really done *serious* weights
  4. That's a pretty impressive setup! How are you connecting the EGPU to your T901? And is this connected to your main screen and 50" LED too??
  5. Bar the technical issues when it first came out BF4 is great fun! I personally like the return of the Commander and the increase in squad sizes and Levolution is pretty cool. Reading you guys talking about it is a wind up though - I've just had a new Alienware 18 delivered to my cousins house in California, but I'm not goin there until weekend after this... ...torture!
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