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  1. It seems to me that the same solder socket M2 SSD will not do anything . This is a little another version of the motherboard. I bought the first Y510P was also without this jack . It was only the second , after giving back to the store, the first had a nest. From what I remember , in addition to the slot was soldered a few other electronic components ...
  2. He have right. I think, that all Y510P is SLI capable ... But make sure first, that Your laptop have strong power supply. In SLI versions of Y510P PS is 170W. In non SLI, is much worse.
  3. Great program . Simple and effective . But I still wanted to fine-tune the cooling system in my Y510P . What thermal paste do you recommend?
  4. I think that is all that can be improved . I have similar config, but wifi is KIller N1202... Main graphics card is soldered to the MOBO, so it can not be replaced , and VGA in SLI cd tray will not work with another . Well, of course you can replace the SSHD on the SSD , but it misses the logic
  5. Hi all. I have Y510P SLI GF755M. I bought the card Killer Wirelles-N1202, and of course I can not deal with it. I read a lot of posts on this forum and overwhelmed me. I have BIOS version 3.05 and upgraded the BIOS in an additional card. Can anyone help me? I need step by step instructions. I'm not very good at computers
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