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  1. Looks nice indeed, AC:BF. Are you playing with controler? If you like time spending gameplay you should try some "Total War" games. Didnt enjoy the old ones, but got plenty of months in Shogun2 and Medieval2 while Rome2 is now the game I'm playing when on Windows. The C&C Generals mod Shockwave also get's lots of gameplay.
  2. I've got the R.A.T 5 ( E50 in NL ), and it's so far working on every underground ( currently on suede couch ) and on my window to. Lies good in the hand (dont have big hands), and its weight can be adjusted through metalweights (easy). Theres alot of buttons, which arent in the way when you dont use them. Looks weird though.
  3. Hello everyone, nickname is TingSdeel. I live in the Netherlands and i'm 26 years old. I used to have various desktop pc's with high end specs, but found it hard for me to not keep buying upgrades, so i switched to a Clevo P170EM. Since a while I again feel the need to do some sick shit to my laptop, like trying modded bios (my damn 7970m gets 95c) and upgrading components. Back in the day I spend my time with testing and providing pc security for company's of related ppl for fun, so I used to know my way around mostly Windows and some Debian terminals. Now I'm running Ubuntu 13.10 since I don't play games anymore and Windows got me bored. Hopefully I can help some1 out with their problems. Greets & see you on the forum
  4. I just saw this somewhere, good luck. I think that 460m will do for the games you play.
  5. GTX580m is the same age as the 6990m, so you wont go back in time anyway. Just ask the helpdesk @ alienware. My BTO 17CL47 (Clevo P170EM) is able to use a nvidia, however i don't know if it will work with the 780m. 6690M = PCI-e 2.-0x16, while 780m is PCI-e 3.0 x16. Seems like a waste of money for your current laptop if you ask me.. Go with the "free" 580m
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