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  1. Same here. Just use the Intel's Utility, and prevent modding bios'es and stuff;)
  2. Try searching for the program 'Twofingerscroll'. It provides you some more options...
  3. That's exactly what I did;) I got vague errors with the 2.07 mod, so I flashed back the backup, and updated to this one. I works excellent!
  4. Try to use the Intel Rapid Storage Technologie. I guess that's inside you're settings panel on windows. Over there, you can turn on cache.
  5. Well, I can tell you, my wifi card is not from ebay, and is a legit Intel Card. Everything is working, except sleep, and some boot problems. I would like to see this fixed...When it's possible offcourse;)
  6. Hey guys, I got my 7260AC in my Lenovo Y510p right now, and after flashing the custom 2.07 bios, it works. Only thing is, I am not able to use sleep mode anymore, and also I have some boot issues. The laptop hangs sometimes at the lenovo logo, and after a shutdown, it normally proceeds with booting. Does anyone know some fixes?
  7. For the Y510P, Optimus works all the time. I can't see why it wouldn't work on a y410P, they are nearly identical right?
  8. Well, I see a bay with a faceplate in that list. Could you use that? 9 5mm SATA 2nd Hard Drive Disk HDD Caddy Adapter for Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P Y510PT | eBay
  9. Hi! My name is Thom, and I am a proud owner of the Lenovo y510P. I like to check out the unlocked bios and stuff, so hi:)
  10. Jeah, and for as i know, there are only 128GB and smaller M.2. ssd's on the market currently. They are very sparse...
  11. Well i'm getting the wifi card in today, but I have make more posts to download some files from this awesome forum;) I will try to build the wifi card in without the bios hack, but I think it wont work...
  12. I hope not, i just ordered a 7260 ac for my Y510p..
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