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  1. If I can't unlock my bios soon(2.07!!!)(meaning I have to keep playing BF4 with hyperthreading on)...I might just shoot this laptop with my Ak-47...>_< Help me SVL7...you are my only hope. Mucho cerverza senor!
  2. Heh, if everybody who needed an unlocked 2.07 bios chipped in $1 for a beer...how many beers could a Swede chug?
  3. Do not upgrade, you will regret it at some point lol. With 1.09 you are still able to unlock the hidden bios settings AND get the whitelist removal. Absolutely no benefit with the newer bios versions. - - - Updated - - - Any update on a 2.07 unlocked BIOS? Thanks!
  4. Hi Guys, I'm having a lot of trouble enabling the drive caching through ExpressCache-I've tried reinstalling it and trying to have it detect the SSD cache on my y510p, but it never reads anything. Any suggestions?
  5. From a little research online, it seems that the best things you can do are: revert back to windows drivers, disable Bluetooth on the device, disable windows power saving on the device, set proper channels on your router(ones with less interference from neighbors), disable ipv6 connectivity and set roaming on the device to low...But overall, it seems this wireless adapter is a piece of cr@p-as none of these steps worked for me .
  6. I remember using a generic(I think Toshiba)cooling pad from Meijers. It had just a single fan, but I effectively "supercharged" it by using duct tape to completely seal it over my laptop intake-so it would pressurize the air and blow it in .
  7. One thing I noticed that dramatically helps with lower temps is uninstalling Lenovo Power Management...I think it restricts the fans for power saving reasons or somesuch, causing overheat.
  8. Herrmm, I'm a little late to the party-but I had the same issue of overheating(sli version 750m)right out of the box. I uninstalled Lenovo Power Management(I knew it had something to do with fan control), lifted the back end of my laptop-and now it hardly goes over 75 even when playing 64 player servers on BF4. Oh, I also capped my fps to 70 on BF4-if you don't it fluctuates around between 60-140 and you do see extreme temp rises. The screen on these laptops being only 60hz, you're not even seeing the extra frames. Cheers!
  9. Don't think theres anything out there because the fans are run in conjunction with cpu by BIOS as far as I know...But I do find it funny that the Lenovo Power Management(absolute cr@p software btw)can control the fan speed in "Dust Cleaning" mode.
  10. Is there any news on if Lenovo will release an un-whitelister official bios anytime soon? Wondering if I should go ahead and do this...
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