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  1. I use the G400 i came from my old MX-518 and for FPS is the best handling for my hand so far. I choose the mouse throw the serial number with no correction/prediction.
  2. Alienware 17 for me is by far the best notebook around. Why? You can choose if you want a monitor with 60hz or 120hz to fit your needs. The metal frame is better than Clevo P170SM and even P370SM. Upgradability i would say that the it's the same, but you always have dell with the new stuff, and a warranty like no other.
  3. No stuttering correct, what about mouse response? I notice a small lag and feel disconnected from the game. I turn off post processing anti aliasing and vsync for the best gaming experience. I play in a P170SM with a GTX780m
  4. You can prioritize your traffic through qos setting things up to how you wanted them to work. I know there is a dlink router based on a qca chip that works with killergaming software to automatic prioritize qos which can make proritizing way easier. About several connections in stanby i don't think there will be any noticiable impact. I have an Asus Rt N66u working with 3 laptops 3smartphones and a tablet. I play bf3 and 4 always through wifi 5 ghz, and really have nothing to complain.
  5. I use an Asus Rog Shutle for my Clevo P170SM. Its excellent for carrying around the laptop and all the gear, headphones, mouse, and for protection it's one of the best in my opinion.
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