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  1. No, I havent tested it myself, but I do know that ThrottleStop stores TDP values in it's ini file (for example if you change it in TS then TS will re-apply your values regardless of what the hardware defaults to) In order to make TS READ from the hardware, you need to clear the ini file. I do intend on testing this out.. I just have been really busy, and have not done so yet.
  2. If you change the TDP in XTU make sure to delete the ThrottleStop.ini file so ThrottleStop re-reads the data from the system or it will just display the value stored in the ini file... There really is no problem with your GPU running hotter. Can you quantify the difference?
  3. Wouldn't you just use the XTU CROSSFLASH EDITION BIOS in this case? Prema, when will this XTU edition be available? So will this XTU Crossflash version essentially be the p170em bios ? I didn't have any time to mess with this over the weekend, (I was playing games and totally forgot about this stuff ) So I will probably wait for the XTU flash and maybe take my machine apart and clean all the fans and heatsinks out and mess around with some more overclocking. I have been pretty happy with the CPU @ Stock and the GPU @ Max stock-BIOS OC. HOwever one of my cities in Cities XL starts to lag now, as I have a lot of crap in it, need some more speed hehehe.
  4. This is awesome, thanks Prema!! Had a few $ in my paypal so I sent it your way, it's not much, but it's something!
  5. Interesting, although it is still clearly future tech. I wonder how it works.
  6. There is no way you are going to charge that thing in 10 minutes. Even if you had a charger that could provide enough current to do so, and an outlet with enough amps to supply the charger, you would destroy the batteries. You may be able to charge a decent chunk in 10 minutes, but you are looking at 4 hours on a 220v 25A or 110V 40A circuit, or 8 hours on a normal 110V 20A circuit for a full charge. That being said... I want a Tesla Roadster BAD!!
  7. There is also the Clevo W110ER, it has Ivy Bridge + Geforce 650m. It's priced pretty decent as well. I would look into that as it will be cheaper than the alienware and be just as fast.
  8. Well, unless you want to cut your bandwidth in half, you should install one stick in each channel. If they are both in one channel then you will run in single channel mode, and I'm sure you don't want to do that You need one stick in each channel to run in Dual Channel mode
  9. A general rule of thumb is it is FAR more important to have ENOUGH ram to do what you want to do than to have FAST ram. If you, for example, need 10GB, and have 8GB of DDR3 2400 your system will be slower than one with 12GB or 16GB of DDR3 1066 even. SO, if you plan on using more than 16GB, go for the 32GB of 1600. If 16GB is enough, then go for the faster 16GB.
  10. This is due to the nature of GDDR5. GDDR5 includes error-correction, so if you overclock it too much then the performance will actually decrease as there will be error correction taking up potential performance. The 'proper' way to overclock GDDR5 is to increase the clock speed until performance starts to drop off again, and then back up the clocks a little bit. That will be as fast as you can go. If you really want to push it further, you will need to look into increasing the memory voltage.
  11. Yeah, sorry about that. I did, however I misread the date, thought it was June of 2012, not 2011.
  12. Is this still available? I have several running systems I could try it on that are overclocked quite a bit. In addition to the two machines in my signature I have these two: Hive:i7 980 @ 4.3Ghz, MSI X58 Pro-E, 6GB, 80GB, 7 x 2TB (6 in ZFS RaidZ2 + 1 hotspare), Ubuntu, iSCSI Target Mind:i7 920 @ 4.0Ghz, MSI X58 Pro-E, 6GB, Server 2008 R2, iSCSI Initiator
  13. Any results on the two versions of the MSI test bioses? I will be testing these out later this week when I receive my machine.
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