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  1. Your ICD 24 is some amazing stuff.

  2. Just back from vacation & currently battening down for a little tropical squall this weekend Lost my home PC due to lightening strike(s) So a couple days reconfiguring all and should be back to work on the info you guys are generating. Should have some more contact images in the next week or so Plus we are still looking for volunteers/guinea pigs for CP testing
  3. I have a particular interest in waterblocks these days so another sample there would be great
  4. Test is straight forward - take one "A" and one "B" - shiny sides to the IHS and sink so the frosted sides are facing each other. Mount your sink as you normally would - WITHOUT ANY COMPOUND - Try to make a clean print and not move under pressure Dismount and remove paper - blank throw away - Red/pink image is your print that you send back You can scan or photograph image and post for discussion while waiting for results. label key envelope with your name or some identifier and forum so we can link thermals to CP Sensor Products has a "key" somewhere on their site that will give you a general interpretation of of your pressure +/- 10% - I will see if I can locate it and post it up.
  5. Terrific! = send me your address at support@innovationcooling.com with CP in the subject line
  6. Sent out the CP test kits today - Plenty of tubes available - Anybody else want a to do a CP test we can accommodate -....
  7. Great I will put together some test kits the weekend and send out Monday, you are pretty close to us so you will probably get it Tues. or Wed. Stock pressure is pretty good from first sample and would be interesting to see if you are off the scale for this paper with the mod.
  8. Lots of good info obtained. Raw images reveal much as well as pictures of paste impressions I cannot find the exact full die size but then have not looked too hard yet but initially pressure is very good as I suspected it would be and contact appears to be around 50% - 60%, 9/10 th's of a centimeter So basically you have half the area for dissipating 35W - +2X the thermal stress on a compound in an environment that is already warmer than most to begin with, little wonder why people are experiencing accelerated compound degradation. I currently have 3 people on tap for C/P testing it would be nice to get a broader profile of 20 to 30 and to see how things trend.
  9. I am doing a reliability study and looking for people to do a simple Contact & Pressure (C/P) test to link to their recorded temperatures - two pieces of plastic paper mount sink as you would normally would release and remove throw away blank then mail back self addressed envelope for lab analysis. Lots of good info % contact area, psi are key and can be linked to long term reliability as quoted below. Laptops are about the toughest thermal environment out there and this would be useful data to have N I was taking a look at some published information on laptop reliability linked below and a rough analysis might be with their 30% failure rate in 3years approx 1/3 of that due to breakage and about 2/3 or 20% of all laptops is a component failure probably due in large part to high thermal loads - Heat is number one enemy of electronics. After a re-paste on a PC in the overclockers forums you have an average of 61C after a repaste and the laptops so far average 71 C after a re-paste. I think the extra 10C is the dividing line, in the PC market you may see a few degrees decline and here and there you get the rare 15 -20 C degree improvement but generally most of those are mount related issues unless the compound has been installed a couple of years or more. The PC failures were generally less than half laptops. The prevalence of early temperature creep in laptops is quite surprising along with the relatively large number of 85 - 90 C systems reported---- 25 to 30 C higher than the PC's, if you have a weak component those kinds of temps have a good chance of killing it. As a kind of general recommendation to avoid being the 1 in 5 failures and as a good maintenance procedure has been suggested here blowing the dust out regularly, I would add a secondary laptop cooler as well as changing the compound every-time it creeps up 10 C past the initial install temps. The cooler it is and the longer time periods it remains cool, the odds that longer system life increases. http://www.squaretrade.com/htm/pdf/S...ility_1109.pdf http://cache.gawker.com/assets/image...uaretrade3.jpg Gartner Says Annual Failure Rates of PCs Are Improving, but Manufacturers Can Do Better
  10. Some background Paste impressions: Poor mounting pressure good mounting pressure & good contact - difference between mounts -6 C - light glaze indicates good pressure. Another example - Contact paper sample with paste impression of the same mount Light glaze on center indicates good contact and pressure in that area Another example
  11. I received the IC Diamond 24 yesterday. Thank you very much and I will post my results once I receive my laptop.

  12. up to date on our shipping so all those that applied should be getting their compound in a couple of days
  13. Self employed? Only self employed people work 18 hour days, Hell I sometimes work 20 otherwise how does one expect to get ahead?
  14. I am doing a reliability survey on other forums Performance and reliability Data here on notebooks, GPU, PC's, game stations etc. is welcome - Plenty of tubes available http://innovationcooling.com/images/notebook july 6 update.png
  15. Plenty of tubes available for test PC's/ CPU, GPU, notebooks, game stations
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