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  1. I don't think the cooling is quiet though, my laptop gets pretty noisy. although I wouldn't say they cant overclock, there's quite a few that can albeit only by a small margin.
  2. arctic silver hands down. dropped cpu temps more than I was expecting, now its oc'ed and still cooler than before.
  3. Biff

    Alienware 18 4910mq 3dmark low CPU score

    what are the temps during the benchmark? it could be overheating
  4. Biff

    Gaming on windows 10

    got windows 10 and my gpu cant hold the same oc as before. it throttles like crazy
  5. hi, new on here but this seemed like a good general place to post my problem. ever since I upgraded to win 10 my gpu has been throttling at 67c to the point that I cant use it. its a mx14r2 laptop with a 650m 2GB.

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