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  1. It would really be cool if one can post a temperature comparison chart when gaming between Alienware M17xR4 and Alienware 17. Also a temperature comparison chart across nvidia 780m, 880m and 980m would really be great.
  2. Hey guys, whats your experience with gaming on windows 10. Kindly post ur benchmarks, challenges, likes and hates. Cheers.
  3. On the long run, whats is the safest temperature range for the 680M cos I'm getting up 81C on my Alienware M17x R4. Although its only when I play Assassins Creed Unity on high settings. It crashes occasionally when I play on 968MHz/2500MHz. Which of the OV vBIOS will be most suitable for stable gameplay at that frequency of 968MHz/2500MHz?
  4. I was able to overclock my Dell 680m to 1002MHz/2500MHz and I'm using stock voltage. Driver version is 353.62. When playing Assassins creed Unity the max temps is 74 Celcius. Room temp is 21 Celcius. Gameplay is stable with no artifacts. Looks like the latest drivers are optimized for higher frequency overclock as most Maxwell card now are above 1ghz core clock
  5. I finally overclocked my Dell 680M. It works fine but the only thing I encounter is when playing games like Ryse: Son of Rome, and it swiftly turn the player around, my fps dips and the movements isn't smooth during the turning. My OC is 958/2500MHz. Temps hover between 69 - 71 ºC. My voltage is still at stock. Is the any solution to this? Or do I need to reflash the vbios with a higher default clock as my current default clock is 758MHz? Thanks. Would really appreciate your comments
  6. Pls can someone tell me whats the latest stable nvidia driver for overclocking. I currently have 352.86 installed and i want to flash my Dell nvidia 680M GPU vBIOS with an unlocked vBIOS with stock frequency. Will I have to roll back the driver to a previous version? if so which one? Dell Alienware M17x R4, i7-3610QM, 12GB RAM 1TB HDD, Windows 7 Home.
  7. Can you pls MOD my Dell Nvidia 680M vBIOS. All i want is to unlock the +135MHZ limit
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