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  1. Tried doing that and now my main GPU is stuck on 300/400. This is really weird. Only thing I can think of is bad firmware maybe? Edit: I think it's just poor optimization. I tried out Tribes and the clocks are constantly at 700/1000, but the game is only using 50% of both my cards, I get 60 FPS but certain areas and during combat it drops to 25-30. As for HoN from what I read it has almost no crossfire support and the engine isn't optimized very well. Going to try and download TF2 and CoD and see what happens. Limited on the amount of games i have
  2. Well I got it to work in-game, it doesn't look exactly like your screenshots but it shows core clocks, % usage, etc. What I find odd is when I'm playing Tribes or HoN my GPU clocks keep going up and down. 100-150, 700-1000, 500-100. It keeps changing, I can understand if I was just sitting in the main menu but this is during intense fights, I'm wondering if this is why I'm getting low FPS. I'll try turning off powerplay to see if that helps
  3. I got it working for me, my fault actually. I was trying to open up MSI afterburner and not MSI afterburner on-screen display server. I think only the beta had it though. Thanks again, mw86
  4. Installing and going through the registry again to see if i missed anything. found a line that says enableulps_na, did you disable that as well or just the Enableulps line?
  5. Xfire 5870 12.4 driver I'm thinking it might be because of the new driver, I'll try rolling back to a few. Trixx works for me so I might just stay with that. Thanks for the help mw86, don't spend too much time trying to find a fix
  6. Well i downloaded MSI afterburner but it freezes my computer whenever I try to run it. I disabled ULPS, so I'm not sure what the problem could be. Sometimes it runs, but most of the time is locks my computer.
  7. I think everything is okay now. Great frames in Tribes. Got Dota 2 to scale crossfire better. Still have an issue with HoN but after reading a bunch of forum posts apparently everyone gets the same frames, and it almost has 0 crossfire support. thanks for the guide mw86, much appreciated.
  8. Well I fixed the tribes issue, I found a CAP profile online and used it, and now I get 60 FPS all the time. As for HoN, I disabled Xfire and it ran smoothly. Is there anything I can do in catalyst so HoN can utilize both cards properly? I'm not sure how to create profiles
  9. Hello, I've been playing Tribes: Ascend, CS:S, HoN, Dota 2, Diablo 3 beta, and I've noticed a problem. No matter what graphic setting I put the game on I always get the same FPS. On the highest settings I get around 50-60 FPS but will dip to 25-30 during intense fights, I get the same graphics settings with everything turned off and 800x600 res. Not sure if i can blame poor optimization on those games, maybe my computer isn't running at max all the time. Specs: i7-740QM Xfire 5870 8GB RAM 5400 RPM HDD Is there a monitoring program out there I can run while playing a game so I can see the load of both the GPU and CPU to see if I have a bottleneck? Thanks,
  10. So I checked HWinfo64 to see what my idle temps were, 45C CPU, 38C-40C GPU1 and GPU2. Not sure if this is normal but my fan RPM seems a little high: CPU - 1940 RPM GPU1 - 1990 RPM GPU2 - 2010 RPM Any R2 owners mind telling me what their idle RPM is usually at? I thought for sure idle temps would have the RPM in the low 1000's. thanks.
  11. Well, I installed my 5400RPM HDD and that seemed to solve the problem for single-player games, but I still have the problem with online games, not sure if it's my internet or all. I maintain a 40-50 ping. Anyone know of a problem that will show my ping during games so I can monitor it?
  12. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem with the lights changing. I'm getting some stuttering in some games, wondering if that's the problem or my crappy SSD (waiting for dell to send the screws for the other HDD).
  13. Yeah, I loved how easy it is to replace HDDs and RAM, but when it comes to re-pasting the CPU, it's a whole other story. I'll call Dell and see if they will, if I get a no, oh well. For some reason now the alienhead above the keyboard changes color, as if the power cord was unplugged. At first I thought it was the HDD but I thought only the eyes flash if there's HDD activity.
  14. You think Dell may replace it with a new one? I've only had the laptop for a month now, I guess I could try and pass it off as I had the scratch when I received the unit. I probably should have put a cloth over it but when I removed the keyboard it didn't look like anything was popping up that could scratch the screen.
  15. Refund is well over by now, well at least I know what the problem is. I guess I'll just put in my previous HDD, which kind of sucks because I bought it with a 5400 RPM lol. When I bought it I thought it was the next generation, probably should have done more research Wonder if i can get a hold of Kingston and exchange it for their newer model. doubt it, but worth a shot. EDIT: I know this may be a stupid question, but what if I were to install all my games on a second drive, and just have windows, internet, etc on the SSD drive. I take it the games will run of of the HDD and not the SSD and solve the problem? that is if the SSD is the culprit.
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