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  1. Well, it turns out it's a little bit more complicated than just what I previously stated. I created a thread on the story here: http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/8761-gt-650m-heat-throttle-question.html I did repaste the card...man Lenovo used so much of that stuff I couldn't even get quite all of it off...and I had freshly done the main GPU as well as the CPU when I installed my new board. I'm mostly irritated with the lack of being able to tell/control what a stable OC is because of all the interplay with cooling and such (see other thread). I'm used to my desktop, I suppose. Thank you again for another really useful information! I'm definitely tempted to try it out when I have the time and the tools but I am worried about breaking something (especially given my previous problems...the fact I didn't brick the machine with the bios stuff is a horseshoe up my you-know-where, lol). I'll see if I can learn anything else in the meantime, until then, bookmarked =) edit: these temperatures are from Unigine Valley and Heaven, and the most recent change in throttling because of using Prime95 in tandem with them (to stress everything as a game would). i'm not certain how any of this would go with an actual game, yet.
  2. Hi again all, First, I apologise if this is somewhere already but I couldn't find it. Are any of you experts with the 650m? I fixed my bios issues with the Y500 (pain in the...) and now I'm rocking svl7's awesome bioses (thanks again! ) and did some benching. For the 650m SLI, on stock voltages it appears I can run them stable at about 1125 | 2700. One GPU hits low-to-mid 70s (I think around 76) and the other maxes at 88. Yes, there is that much of a discrepancy. I *think* it is the U-Bay card but I'm not positive. Edit: it IS the U-Bay GPU, see below Anyhow, I was benching it at 1175 | 2700 with another 100mV on the cores and that hot GPU was hitting 93/94 and throttling. It never got any hotter and Unigine stuttered; at the end of the bench the performance was significantly worse. Is this normal, both the temperatures and the throttle point? I'm thinking not so much and am a bit disappointed as there is no point in me using the modified vbios for OC'ing. I have recently repasted both GPUs and CPU (since I had to replaced the mainboard...) and I don't think I did a poor job but perhaps I did on one of them? Edit: I'm running Unigine with Prime95 and it is the U-Bay that is hot. however, now it gets nowhere near even the 88 as the main GPU is being throttled by the CPU at around 75/76 celsius. This is good to know but I am rather irritated because how am I supposed to be able to test OCs that I can use with the games that don't beat the crap out of the system? Or perhaps they will and I'm more ignorant to the subject than I think I am. Any input would be appreciated, thanks guys
  3. I understand just fine and thanks, I've never heard of such a method. Probably around the time you were posting this, I did succeed another way. I ended up taking the installer for V2,02/04 and swapping the bios file for the V1,05 that I obtained (changing the platform.ini file to reflect this) as well as added the EngineeringErrorDisable switch that it required. I can't remember, but I may have tweaked a couple other check/write values as well. Anyway, that gave me a new error about EC, which I googled and found I had to change two of the EC check and write values. She flashed after that to the modern V1,05 (had my standard bios logo back and secure boot, etc). V2,04 went without any problems after that, though the machine hung after completion instead of restarting. Anyway, all was fine. Definitely I will keep your method tucked away somewhere because it will save me days/weeks the next time I have an issue. Also, thanks to svl7 and anyone else that helped. I was able to installed the modified versions without any problems (aside from one typo...my bad) and they're amazing. One of my 650ms, I think the U-Bay one, appears to thermal throttle at 93/94 celsius (if I apply extra voltage; without any extra she tops at 88). This is annoying and somewhat concerning, especially since the other is always 10-14 celsius cooler...guess I'll need to do some more digging on that one.
  4. Hi all, thank you for your help but I think I've done it. What a piece of work. Using the Insyde installer from Lenovo's website, I had to do the following: +replace bios filename (V2.04) with the V1.05 version I found, +add the EngineeringErrorDisable switch to bypass the IHISI and whatnot error I was having, +change two EC settings (as I was then prompted with an EC error after getting rid of the old one) She updated, and then updating from V1.05 to V2.04 was business as usual, though the computer did hang on an all-white screen after it was finished, forcing me to remove the battery. I had to change the support back from Legacy before windows would boot but anyway, it's done. Thanks again
  5. Thanks, but that did not work. Perhaps I did something wrong? I followed this guide specifically, and was returned the same error code posted by another user at the bottom of the page (in the comments section): https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Welcome-FAQs-Knowledge-Base/How-to-flash-InsydeH2O-EFI-under-DOS-enviroment/ta-p/278406 I am certain that I am using the correct BIOS for this unit, as I've done this on this machine once before without any problems. I don't know why this time is this way.
  6. I tried flashing from a DOS USB boot stick. Specifically, I followed this guide: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Welcome-FAQs-Knowledge-Base/How-to-flash-InsydeH2O-EFI-under-DOS-enviroment/ta-p/278406 And, of course, she didn't work. I was returned the following error: "Error: Not support AT-p information CL Registry:0x0." I'm at a loss. I hope there's something I'm missing or not doing correctly.
  7. I just went back in there to look, but I do not have that option! The only thing I have is UEFI boot (which is enabled) and that is required for Windows to boot, of course.
  8. Thank you for all your hard work that went into this. I can't wait to try it myself but I do have a question or two. I understand flashing only the modified bios of the same version as that of the machine (ie 2,04 modded over 2,04 original only). But, what if I cannot even get the bios to update in the first place? The bios on my machine refuses to update, period. She always gives the following error: Flash process will terminated! Current platform have secure boot feature, it must provide NV storage location by IHISI interface. Please contact OEM BIOS engineer to add the feature. Without this IHISI interface, the authenticate variables will be modified or cleared by flash process. If you understand and still want to flash. You can add the following setting to the platform.ini to ignore error. [EngineeringErrorDisable] SkipSecureBootProtectionCheck=1 Naturally, I did attempt to add those lines into that file (convenient thanks to svl7 ) but she persists. My bios appears to be 6BCN12WW(v0,13T10), as displayed by InsydeFlash (can grab a photo if need be). v0,13T10?? In any case, I'm afraid to touch anything without any of your insights, even the 650M bioses, because this is unit was already replaced once due to a faulty mainboard (and Lenovo made me pay for it despite it being a common problem with their machines). Not sure how related it is, but since getting this new mainboard I have lost the ability for keyboard backlight and Novo button (off the top of my head).
  9. cheaper and easier, certainly - for the external ones. my ultrabay drive for the Y500 (cd/dvd) was around 70-80$ canadian/american but then apparently i was stuck with needing the brackets put on it (there are two of them apparently) as it did not come with them from what i was told (can't remember where i ordered it, unfortunately). anyway, with shipping, taxes and all that fun stuff it was 120$ give or take some change i say this only in warning to ask questions and consider all options. the extra 40$ or so was sprung on me after i was already set on getting it, so i would advise bearing that in mind and asking questions first if you decide to go that route. for me, there was also the novel factor of having the drive fitting into the machine and not hanging off the side (i have too many USB devices and not enough plugs as it is) and didn't really want another one. like i said, it was a novel idea and i liked the idea of it being all-contained in the machine (a "clean" look).
  10. i know they made an optical drive, but as far as i know it was cd and dvd only, for Y500 anyway which i did purchase one separately for my Y500 SLI a little while after as i actually do use cds and dvds. at the very least, lenovo made a cd/dvd ultrabay drive for the Y510 but i am uncertain as to whether it was supportive of bluray. i seem to think it was, or there was a version that was, because when i bought my Y500 they had recently introduced the Y510s and people on forums (don't remember where, sorry) seemed to know that the Y500 was incapable of a bluray drive while the Y510 had one (and they won't mix and match physically) but i can't verify this. edit: found this from the same site as the poster above me: Search - y510 - Laptop drives are online i'm glad i stumbled on this thread. apparently the Y500 has a bluray, but as i thought it is elusive and super expensive. i already have my cd/dvd drive so i'm happy enough. i never bought into the whole bluray thing.
  11. 1/that's a personal question. are you happy with that, or does it bother you and you wish for more? each person will have his or her opinion on the matter. it's generally not awful as many 15,6" laptops have that screen resolution but again, that's for you to decide 2/if editing at 1080p and higher, things will be a little squished. zooming and scaling will be required to see it all and scrolling will be needed for a 1:1 ratio. again, that depends on if a bit of that bothers you or not, and how much editing you plan to do. if you are going to be doing that kind of thing all the time, perhaps consider a larger screen. again, try it out and see what works for you. 3/yes, absolutely. as the poster above mentioned, be certain the connector to the mainboard is the same as the current one or it will not work. i believe lenovo uses the same connector for its screens so if you were to find the 1080p version of the screen for your Y510 it should work (that is the case for the Y500 anyway). double-check it, though. hope this helps
  12. ^ this. you'd likely be able to swap it for just about any other CPU that fits in the Haswell mobile socket (assuming you have a 4200Q or whatever it is) but that would be all. here's a list: Haswell (microarchitecture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. edit: i see somehow a double happened. i apologise. see the original here: http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/8682-y500-bios-flash-error.html moderators, you may delete this. sorry again.
  14. Hi, and thanks for your time =) I'm attempting to flash the bios on my Y500 but am having an impossible time doing so. The first time, I had zero problems. This time, not for the life of me. See, my Y500 had to have her mainboard replaced. Upon booting, it was evident that this board has a much older bios than the one I used to have (Lenovo bios splash screen is completely different, older). When running the update installer from Lenovo's website, this is what happens: I'm not sure if I did it correctly, but I did manage to find all the files in my Temp folder and added the lines to the file which the error states, and still nothing. I even managed to find a v1.05 bios and the same thing, nothing. Any ideas? Thanks
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