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  1. Well I decide to try and overclock my y510p which came with LG mate FHD LCD and used the CRU utility without any success None of my custom resolutions show up in advanced settings, just the default 60Hz. I tried everything i could think of, even running it as admin, and nothing succeeded. Any ideas what needs to be done to make this work? I'm on Windows 8.1 Pro.
  2. Yes it worked perfectly after removing BIOS flashback restriction, and following the procedure on the1st page. I haven't had the time to dive into the unlocked BIOS and try to mess with voltage to lower the temperature, but the laptop is sunning well with the v3.05 mod.
  3. Thx for the replies guys, I guess I won't be upgrading, rather waiting for Skylake to upgrade my laptop with something new.
  4. Solved the "BIOS version compare error" by backtracking the posts related to v3.05, and thanks to PlaZing's post at page 98 I found out what the problem was, I needed to turn on the Bios flash back option in BIOS itself...I think this information should go on first page along with the rest of instructions related to flashing. PlaZing's post was very informative and I thank him for that. Now back to flashing to v3.05_mod.
  5. Just tried flashing with the procedure described at the first page, and I'm getting "BIOS version compare error" when trying to downgrade to BIOS v2.07, as I have v3.05 for quite some time now. I do not have SLI, my ultrabay is regular DVD that came with y510p. Can anyone share some info on this error, and how to fix it? Thx.
  6. Back in the days I used extensively utils for raising the refresh rate for CRT monitors, and the results were excellent, with sharpness due to more pictures per second and there was virtually no side effects in monitor lifespan or other defects. Is there some more tech info for doing this to LCDs, will it make ther lifespan shorter or not?
  7. Apart from CPU temperature going over 80 C degreed, I have had zero issues with Y510P non-SLI. Wireless card is completely stable, both under Windows 7 and under Windows 8.1. Highly recommended laptop for the asking price.
  8. Nice work svl7, I wonder is it possible to mod the 755M found in Y510p for temperature management?
  9. My decision to buy Lenovo Y510p was guided (or misguided) by the fact that Y510P has a removable CPU, which is great! Since there are heat issues with the current CPU's that are built into it, I ws wondering would it be possible to use the Broadwell line of Intel CPUs which use much less power than Haswell based, for an upgrade of Y510p? did anyone actually upgraded their CPU in the laptop, and what are Your experiences?
  10. Hi guys, like almost everyone else I too have a problem with y510p heat, and while I did get a cooler pad, it has very little effect on our laptop, maybe 3-4 degrees C. My question is, can I safely flash BIOS mod, and what are some expiriences with undervolting? Is it more efficient in lowering the temperatures than using the cooling pad? Thx.
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