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  1. I like your explantion but it wont work for me. This is what is happening as i run backup.bat file from the archive. Please help me, I am trying to upgrade the wifi card. Thanks very much.
  2. Please help me. I don't how to call the .bat in admin cmd.
  3. I found a cheaper price on Newegg.
  4. Vince21298

    Y510p Trackpad

    I bought my y510p from newegg and it came with the elan touchpad. i quite like it. it that not bad how people are describing it. i think you just have to get used to the clicks, because when you press on the corners it doesn't activated and just have to press in the center of the left and right click.
  5. This works on v.2.07 right? i want to be extra sure when doing these types of things/
  6. Do know if this work with the y510p? I dont want wait a month to get.
  7. I don't think so. They fix my crappy laptop when it work start.
  8. Vince21298

    Y510p Trackpad

    I am planning to buy a carbon fiber skin for the laptop. Does the trackpad improve when it is textured?
  9. I planning to buy the y510p From newegg. I will do the mod after I get the laptop, and I am wondering will a Killer wireless card work? I am new to this modding stuff.
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