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  1. it feels slow that I don even wanna use it =/ im still using the old version of EVGA tool
  2. hiya, I solved this problem by changing refresh rate back to 60Hz.
  3. Can we download the A01 bios from Dell website and use it to make our bios to A01? mine came with bios A03 =/
  4. So I did it with Crysis 2, you can see my settings below, tried from Memory Clock 900Mhz with increment of 50Hz until 1080Mhz(max), FPS increases from 30-31 =/ haha, haven't tried the cpu/shader though. will give it a go when I have more time =)
  5. Hey guys, is there any significant difference between memory clock @ 900Mhz VS 1080Mhz? IIRC stevenx said before that 900 VS 1000 makes no significant difference but increases the GPU temp..
  6. I found the source of the 'lag' xD it's the refresh rate of the screen, was poking around the nvidia control panel and came across the screen resolution page and saw the refresh rate was at 40Hz. Any idea what games might automatically changed that? o.O I have, AC, AC:BH, Black Ops, GTA IV and NBA 2K11 for now if that helps =/ EDIT: forgot to mention that once I change it back to 60Hz, the 'lag' feeling is gone
  7. thanks for the reply stevenx! will check out the steps!
  8. hey guys, it's me again, just noticed this yesterday. my laptop is starting to lag o.o lag as in the animation such as minimizing, maximizing, right clicking, you can feel the lag =/ even moving the mouse, you'll feel it's sluggish.. any idea where the problem might be at?
  9. I would suggest NBA 2K11 for basketball fans, since it's the only basketball on PC platform (NBA Elite 11 is only on gaming console). don't have details about the fps and all though
  10. One more question: why does the CPU gets hot instead of the GPU? I was under the impression that because I overclock the GPU to 750/900, I should monitor the GPU temperature, but instead GPU max temp at 75C =/
  11. @Steven - will do that right away =p @Alex - already did as posted above xD
  12. I just called technical support and after running the diagnostics blah blah blah, they said the hardware is fine and ask me to continue to monitor the situation. So I was like 'So I only call when my system shutdowns due to overheat?', he said yes >.> the reason he's not providing support is because he said CoreTemp is a 3rd party application and may not be accurate. So guess I'll just use the thing till it dies and call them up again >.>
  13. @Adroc I got it on the 28th.. I dunno if this is normal, but I hear something like a loose screw sound when I shake my alienware =.= it's around the GPU area, where the fan is..
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