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  1. Thanks. Just lost UEFI support, it doesn't matter for M15x. Perhaps newer VBIOS contain some performance tweaks instead of just adding UEFI?
  2. Hi. I've admit that size of my K4000M VBIOS (80.04.5A.00.02) is 152KB instead of 88KB OC VBIOS (of Will it be safe to flash with OC version of VBIOS?
  3. EVGA with their SC17 looks pretty good. 6820hk with 980m and EVGA bios, But looks like all components will be soldered on motherboard.
  4. K4000m is basically just 675mx. At least k4000m and 675mx have more or less the same performance in benchmarks on same clock's.
  5. st1h1al

    Gtav on pc

    Biggest disappointment was optimization for fermi cards. Had no any difference in performance with sli or non sli on 580m's =/ Sli utilization was about 50-60% while one 580m was utilized by 99%, total difference was not more than 1-2fps.
  6. i think it's to overpriced, let's see what sony will say ...
  7. just 139 games owned >_< far away from 950 =)))
  8. Hi.Can somebody tell me what temps should i expect from 880M GTX installed into M15x? I'll be thankful for that. I dont mind if 880M will work on 780M's clocks and with lowered voltage. <article> </article>
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