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  1. There are 4 things that can be wrong with dell that is not charging : -Damaged charger , data pin i broken (pin inside the charging plug) , cable is broken so it doesnt transmit power/data -Charging port is broken -Motherboard electronics is broken -Battery is dead Easiest way to check what is wrong ? Get any known working dell charger(can be with lesser or bigger W) plug it in to your laptop and check in bios is it recognizable . If ur laptop did not recognized charger it might be issue with charging port or motherboard , ofc first replace charging port If charger is recognized it can charge ur laptop when it is off even with lesser W than it is recommended for ur laptop but will cause hard throttling during using of laptop I was dell HelpDesk specialist for 4 years i know what im talking about
  2. As we all know Quadro's are based on GTX with different vbios (or maybe im wrong ?) I was looking around which GTX may be the base for the quadro k4000m , but im not 100% sure which one . Possible candidates : GTX675MX -same bus width(256bit) -same amount of memory (4gb) -same amount of pipe lines (960) -similar memory speed (my k4000m easily achieves that memory speed) but -different code name (N13E-GSR) or GTX770M -similar code name (N14E-GS) -same amount of pipe lines (960) but -diferent amount of memory (3gb) -diferent tpd -diferent Or maybe k4000m is same as k5000m but castraded by Vbios (hopefully) which would mean that k4000m=k5000m=gtx680m/gtx775m ? Why i want to know ? I'm thinking about making gtx of my quadro (mainly im playing games , some times autocad) And maybe trying to unlock it by flashing k5000m bios to check if it can be unlocked. I'm aware that i can possibly brick my gpu by doing this but im able to desolder vbios chip from card and flash it on programator
  3. Hi Everybody Im Marcin (Martin) from Poland . Im here for the quadro k4000m bios but i need 5 posts
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