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  1. Hello Errbody! Just curious if anyone would be able to suggest any ideas or setups for home automation. I would really like to start making the lights flash around the house with just my cellphone (you know, to impress the ladies?). Thanks in advance folks. Cheers! - Clleavage
  2. Hey! Does anyone know when the adapter will be out? I currently have my desktop in the living room hooked up to my TV and I think it would be best to play with a controller. I haven't really found any quality BT keyboards out there unfortunately and was wondering if they would exist? (keep in note I live in Canada and our products are f**king limited....) Cheers - Clleavage
  3. Hey! Just thought I'd check in here to see if I could get any ideas to cool down my comp that has only 2 fan slots (1 x 80mm and 1x 140mm). The 80mm supports an 80mm radiator for the cpu. I currently have an 80mm that runs stock at 3000 rpm and the other 140mm at 1000-1500 rpm. I'd have to repost here to get my specific case model if it can be of any help. Thanks again! Cheers - Clleavage
  4. Hello, I've had my Y580 a while now and due to so many complications I feel like I should be replacing it soon. I though about building my own custom laptop alot. My roommate is hell bent on Apple and there's no way in hell I'm going that route. Can anybody suggest anything in the 1000 to 1500$ CAD range (I think that would be approx 600-1000$ USD) Thanks in advance! Cheers - Clleavage
  5. Hey! New to this forum and really appreciate all the info I can find here! Hope to be seeing you guys around the forums again soon! Cheers - Clleavage
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