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  1. yeah saw it but until ive sold mine i dont really wanna play the importing game but thanks
  2. Are the m18xr2's still misbehaving with sli 980m? or anyone found a way to ungimp them yet? i found a warrantied m18xr2 on ebay very cheap im on the verge of buying and using whilst i move the p570wm on...
  3. Being engineering sample it could any number of issue some maybe hardware some driver some vbios,if you have the option i would return it if it was an ebay purchase there are plenty of cheap cards about atm with the release of the 980m so why settle for a problematic card,Artifacting ordinarily in my book would indicate defective memory but thats not guarenteed,who knows what has been done to the card or how far its been messed with,bad thermal pads? memory timings overclocked repaired and engineering vbios applied? Can you post a link to the auction in here lets see what the seller had too say about the card?
  4. you got email thankyou prema as always !
  5. Ok bought a new tv for the dining room last night some small 32 Samsung chucked my lappy on the table to stream along got hdmi output to the tv but alas no sound I went all through the settings in control panel it correctly detects the tv there as a sound output devise but still for some reason the 980m isn't outputting sound by hdmi,strange stuff,shows 2 disconnected audio leads disconnected shows the Samsung but its defo only playing internal speakers...
  6. What system are you rolling atm?
  7. Check the stickies benchmarks loads more there... im a hairs breath off breaking 13k atm juat waiting on new vbios i wouldnt worry about scores much at this stage the second prema svl7 john work their magic the new results will be crazy... i strongly suspect +300mhz core 500 vram and upwards.
  8. I believe i read earlier in the thread thats exactly how you do it.
  9. not refering to your multi,our top speeds for the most part are irrelivent,your set to 4500 and doing 4500 so its boosting to your specified max turbo and holding it,im some 400mhz off my max turbo believe it or not its strange behaviour,do you manually adjust anything in system bios or just xtu?
  10. Oh so thats how it is? You wanted my settings to run 2133mhz quad channel but you dont want to share your knowledge? Forums are 2 way streets.... noted.
  11. Nah its settings alowing it too reach turbo And hold it if i check xtu i boodt to 4200mhz and 3d mark says same irrelivent of the fanct my cpus at 4600
  12. How are you getting 4500mhz in 3dmark i get 4200mhz regardless of clock speed.
  13. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4930K,Notebook P570WM stock card run win 7 x64
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