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  1. Okay ill take this a bit fast. you should downgrade to 2.4 or 2.7 redo the bios and flash it. Vbios you should not use the 750 vbios. best regards Rune
  2. did you guys update your bluetooth driver ?
  3. You still need to get the new vbios to fix the sli. just remember their is 2 diffrent card 755 and 750
  4. Yes and no, hwinfo64 can, but it's easy to read the wrong place, easiest is in the bios.
  5. rune-d

    Increase ram does it matter what brand? y510p

    On the other two y510p i had it was single stick of 8 gb. (Scandinavian countries)
  6. Well that does turn of the wifi as well
  7. No boot disable usb boot in the bios. no sleep upgrade bluetooth and wireless drivers. Intel® Driver Update Utility External: are you sure you have configured your boot device according to uefi ? gpt mbr and most important no ntfs format. (rufus usb is highly advisble)
  8. 1 it's posted in one of the previous pages or in the topic svl7 make a mod for 3.05 i think it was. http://forum.techinferno.com/attachments/lenovo-ibm/10029d1387540570-y510p-y410p_v207_%5Bstock%5D.zip 2. Yes 2.07 work perfectly fine with sli as long as you flashed the ultrabay with lenovos new vbios.
  9. rune-d

    Lenovo y510p 750m SLI 8GB or 16GB?

    Depends if it's a single block of 8 gb then you do get a littlebit out of running dual channel.
  10. Are you sure about this, because as far as i know it needs to be a fru version of the card.
  11. rune-d

    BIOS Update for Y410P/Y510P 74CN44WW (V3.05)

    Don't upgrade 3.05 is not writeable so svl7 can't make a whitelist removal for it.
  12. Well you decide what you want to do But no need.
  13. rune-d

    Y510P brand new speaker problem, search but nothing

    I have exactly the same problem, just a little diffrent, i suddenly starten, some times it starts popping, and then i need to twitch the frame at the jack input, then it stops but all my sounds through the speaker go to hell, when it happens. I have tried loosen/thighten bolts etc but didn't help i just do not have the time for an rma right now.
  14. you are running fpt from system32 and i can see it's in a folder called bios if you put that bios folder in on the c: drive the command for getting to that folder would start with CD C:\bios\ (enter) and then run the script.
  15. If you have one of the supported versions it's fairly easy

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