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  1. watch this according to the comments you can get a GPU and ssd on the same ultrabay maybe it is possible
  2. its definitely the drivers, when I upgraded to 8.1 the speakers output volume was poor at least my s4 sounded louder than the y510p, updated to the latest drivers in lenovo's website and they sound like a beast right now
  3. I saved my own laptop, opened it and found the culprit, put a small piece of cloth between the case and the laptop and closed it again and seems to be good
  4. Ok I <nobr>searched</nobr> for my issue online and nobody has this problem, freshi <nobr>install</nobr> of 8.1 all <nobr>drivers</nobr> in place everything works even SLI , my only issue is my left speaker has a small crackle on it, at first I thought the speaker was blown but further inspection let me to believe that the case is not fully pressing down or there is something loose for example max volume i hear this like blown speaker noise only from the left speaker but if I press down on the bottom of the case up (like put pressure on the bottom of that side of the speaker) it sounds perfect???? should I take the bottom casing off and retighten all screws???
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